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How subtle is the current change with padal/tig?

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  • How subtle is the current change with padal/tig?

    I got my pedal deal rigged up but don't have my argon tank yet. I was testing it out with the stick lead and I can't really tell if the arc is getting stronger/weaker.

    Maybe it's because I'm using a big old welding rod instead of that little tungsten deal.


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    I notice a huge difference when I'm doing low amp stuff, less diff but still plenty when doing higher amp.


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      I can press the TIG pedal just enough to start the High-Freq, then slowly push it more and more until you see the base material, or rod/electrode start to melt... If you push the pedal a little bit and the base material/electrode/rod starts melting right away then maybe the POT is reversed, or is saturating the input.



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        In fact, when you press the TIG pedal a little bit, the High-freq should turn on, and almost no current comes out.. My machine is computer controlled though so I'm not sure if that's how they all work.



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          for what its worth, pedals on some units only regulate a percentage of whats set on the machine.. that is, they don't control the full swing your welder is rated for.

          set the welding current (on the machine) about 20 amps higher than you think you'll need to weld. set it mid-range for testing.

          to find out for sure, set your panel current to 0 (or as low as possible), and see if your pedal alone allows you to weld.