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While on topic - Uses for Leaf Springs

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  • While on topic - Uses for Leaf Springs

    I have a limitless supply of leaf springs from busses, cars. I have used them in the past to make ice chippers, but would like to know other uses.

    While on the topic as well - snow plow edges, ideas.....

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    Spope14, I sure wish you lived closer! The project I'm working on has a need for some leaf springs and here on the Oregon coast I'm having trouble finding what I need. Follow this link and you'll see what I talking about. Look in the Chassis & front Axle section and about Page 10 of the pdf file.

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      I've been saving some to make a froe (old-timey wood splitter), some day when I have the forge fired up. Yeah, another of those rountoit's.
      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        Knives, sharp egae things. Blacksmith will love you for it.


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          I always stop for'em myself when I see them in the intersections. If you heat them cherry red with a torch and throw them in a hot woodburning stove and take them out when they're cold they get pretty manageable. Heat again and quench in water and you can have some fun.

          I wonder how they would mill in the full annealed condition? Would be nice to be able to reduce the thickness to something more manageable.
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            You could make realy evil crossbows, the kind that will shoot solid steel shaft through a junk car.

            that would be fun.


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              You could make a swivel chair...

              Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                Sheet metal/autobody slapers.

                Power hammers

                Lots of "hard" tooling.


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                  Leaf springs are great for all sorts of things! I am always on the look out for leaf springs; great source of spring steel. If you are into blacksmithing, a good leaf spring can be turned into all sorts of stuff: swords, knives, tooling, even go-kart to have 6010 electrodes to weld them though.


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                    If you ever need any bigger material, just go to a truck repair shop. They should have plenty and you should stock up with all the big trucks going to air bag suspension now. Those rubber bags are to soft for making tools.


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                      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tattoomike68:
                      You could make realy evil crossbows</font>
                      The bowstring is the weak point. When it lets go it whips across the shooter's face, so this is the sort of thing it's best to let someone else do.


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                        I put a sharp edge on one end then weld into a short pipe. Use it to catch and pull (retrieve) pump rods that have been lost down in a stock well. Just enough spring to let it slip over the pump rod and knife edge won't let it slip off. After everything is back out of the well it can be a bitch to get it off of the pump rod.

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                          Made a cool moose skinner outa one . Had lots of people bug me to make them one but i told em where to go. Could of been a little tougher though.