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Any input on this plasma cutter?

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  • Any input on this plasma cutter?

    I'm always needing to cut 16 or 14 ga. sheet and I was looking at this.

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    That one looks a lot like the Harbor Freight 91814 plasma torch that I have heard some good about. I have been to a couple of the Homier traveling tool/junk sales and have been a little scared of anything with wires from them. Their little $79 engine hoist is one of my favorite garage tools, and their scaffolding has helped a lot with a home remodel. You might look at the HF version (post if it is any good because I really want one) because they seem to have a good returns policy.


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      Always check the price and availability of the consumables,Very Importantant.

      The tame Wolf !


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        After that last post and a 20% off coupon, I got one of these. First impressions are pretty good.

        The good: It will cut 1/4" fairly easily. Cuts on thinner mild steel are a piece of cake. Replacement cutting tips are available from HTP for about $3 and electrodes abotu $4. Seems to be better built and packaged than most of their merchandise. They do have a great return policy, so if it was a dog it was going straight back.

        Not so good: It is a drag/tap start machine. This means that you have to tap the cutting tip to the work piece much like a stick welder.

        Overall I am happy with this $400 plasma torch. I think that I would be happier with a "real" one from Miller or Lincoln, but I don't see and extra two grand laying around here for that.


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          Dam that looks nice how do i get one up here in canada. I really want one. Who would sell up here.


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            Thanks for the input Mickey.