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SAE vs Metric

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    or if you get real lucky, lignum vitae


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      Or African Blackwood or Rosewood or if your really into things - brass and ivory.

      To think that the younger generation have to use plastic. Clear might be OK- but I got a yellow one. These little fellows seem to get everywhere.

      And then there are " Guessing Sticks"-
      for the Harry Potters of Yesteryear?
      Magic things.



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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by sauer38h:
        The only thing which puzzles me about the old inch is, why were those old wood school rulers - the ones with the metal edges, good for whacking things with - always made of beech? Perfectly good wood, but not obviously superior to birch or hickory or ash or maple or whatever. I still have some from 40+ years ago - damn things just won't die.</font>
        Sauer,I still have a couple of'em myself from the 6th grade at St. Edwards School. The Doctor said the pain of having them surgically removed would be far greater than when the Nuns originally put them there.
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