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Another toy, a 3-encoder_input_plc_6outs_6ins for $250

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  • Another toy, a 3-encoder_input_plc_6outs_6ins for $250

    WOw these are getting cheaper.

    It'd make a decent DRO, cheaper than the 350 one.. takes quadrature inputs..

    Need a funky tool changer plc? or a positioner? or????

    and you don have to buy any stinking expensive software.. I got a local distributor..

    Ain't nothing to this robotics crap.. good thing I quit school in the 9th grade or I'd be ruling the world by now..
    (GOd invented whiskey so cherokee indians would not rule the world)

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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    looking at it now, it's a lot like a moeller "plc".


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      What's a PLC?


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        programmable logic controller


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          I thought God invented Wiskey so the Irish wouldn't rule the world? Of course, since I am 75% Irish and 25% Choctaw I should just stay away from the stuf all together.
          James Kilroy


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            Ok, my previous answer was pretty short and sweet.

            A PLC is, as I stated, a programmable logic controller. Basically a stand alone computer for doing automation control. You program them to do what you want, and they do it (if you programmed them properly).

            The programming can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. If you want something to come on when two other things go off, or you want it to wait a few's a really easy program. If you want to do what Ibew is doing, it's a tad bit more difficult program (I say tad bit, but I couldn't do it without first playing around quite a bit).

            I am starting to get motivated into getting back in to the stuff, but it's simply hard when you dont have time to do all the projects on your list as it is! (especially when you keep adding new and more important projects to your list daily!)



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              This lil toy is humming, easy to program, easy to hook up to encoders.

              Has ladder logic software included. A man could use it to position his feed on his mill or lathe, and read the DRO on the backlit screen. No external parts to buy, except the 24vdc supply which you need for the encoders anyways.

              I have been hacking this one for two days now. Have not broken it or hung it up to where I could not reboot it. (saying a lot there) I have also not bounced it off the wall yet.

              You can dump rs232 communications right to it. Though you have to read the data and move it to a storage spot.. That'll come later.

              I got the RSLogix software today too for the three allen bradley plcs laying here. Gcode industrial style anyone? I plan on using one of them in my mill for coolants fluid levels and timed way oiler control.

              David (gone crosseyed, now off to bed)

              David Cofer, Of:
              Tunnel Hill, North Georgia


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                I checked the web site - what's the story on encoder inputs? I didn't see encoders as one of the input types. What am I missing? Or am I just blind?

                For use as a DRO, do you have a source for scales?



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                  They list shaft encoders as one of the inputs and can accept upto three of these. Whole bunch of different software/hardware I/O options would make it a bit dicey for the novice to figure out what you need on the PLC end. As far as the encoders go what you want is something like US Digital linear encoders ($40)(work same as shaft encoders) and a length of mylar optical coding tape (at $7/in). Tape is strung on the moving side of the machine and encoder on the fixed side and you have quadrature readout of exactly how far you have moved the table. PLC device converts to numbers and can calculate bolt circles or coordinate moves if programmed appropriately. Jenix makes prefab quadrature measuring scales that are ready to bolt on.


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                    I got the cheapest one there, about $250..

                    Mine is a R91-2-1 or 1-2? but it has 3 quadrature inputs. The cheapest one.

                    ANyone want one or two of these and I can help with the programming. I have became pretty familar with it. Last program I wrote only took about ten minutes. I am hyper don'cha'know. You hit the print button to document it. simple.

                    I like the screen design feature on this gadget. It only takes seconds. Just like a plc, lay out your varibles and I/o before you start, declare all you varibles, as you pop in contacts or coils, the name is right there on the coil/contact. Saves you from trying to remember o:1 is what? I do that with larger plcs too.

                    They make a analog input/output model too, has less encoder inputs. More expensive. If they had one with analog outs, encoder inputs, you could concievably use one to interpolate axis. That'd be a magic program thou. Hard to do in the limited amount of program space. I already did one program where I ran out of varible space.

                    Off the union books, not going to get a union job for quite a while. I forgot to resign.. that sucks.. the union is beginning to drag me emotionally down anyways. I am a instrument tech, they work me as a electrician with special skills.


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