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Propane Burner for forge or furnace

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  • Propane Burner for forge or furnace

    Here is a propane burner that has worked well for me. Operates on pressure from virtually 0 psi to over 35 psi. Tried the pipe fittings designs and smashing pipe etc without much luck. Copied the idea of a furnace burner and it worked good on the first try. No fan is needed, it developes plenty of draw on it's own.

    Wanted to turn the tapered section but gave up and just welded it up square.

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    damn, I cant believe that making it "square" never crossed my mind, good idea.




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      If a lathe is your wepon of choice, I figured out how to make a round burner after I finished this one.

      Start with a piece of pipe full length. Turn several spools to stack inside, each with a tapered bore to make part of the venturi. Make each as long as you can make comfortably with your compound and boring bar. Drop them in the bore, setscrew, or plug weld in place.


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        Hey, guys:

        I'm all for makin' stuff but what about this tourch from HF?

        I got mine on sale for $19. Is there a signficant advantage to your designs or is the challenge of making it yourself?


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          The thing I find with the tiger torches that I have is the the flame is too close to the air mixer intakes. If it inhales any backwash of the combustion gases from the flame it goes out. I suppose one could put an extension on it.
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            The hose and valve are worth the $19.00 that you paid. The venturi style that I made seems tolerant of backpressure blowing into a fairly restricted melting furnace and at a broad range of gas pressure (heat output). The pipe fitting type wasn't and I havent tried the Harbor Freight weedburner.