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Koepfer Gear Milling Machine, Cheap

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  • Koepfer Gear Milling Machine, Cheap

    So I have this thing about cutting gears. Manually at first, but am now building a hobbing modification for my Kأ¶ping Universal F10 Mill.
    Just the other day, opportunity presented itself to purchase a Koepfer 110 gearmaker. Small jobber, max. diam. approx 8", length maybe 12". Weight 600 lb. Made in 1964. Max pitch 26 or Module 1. Lots of slides, dials and handles; can't see much else in the pictures.

    Koepfer is fairly well known; I was hoping to find someone who was more familiar with this machine and knew more about its capability.

    Also, where can I find cheap hobs? The machine comes toolless. ("%&?! I hate that)
    Tried the net; hobs are purported to be everywhere, but when you try to buy one...

    I'll try to get back later with a picture link.


    Edit: Nope, no direct link, but it's at then look under gear machines, Koepfer.

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    try, industry website has lots of links


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      No such think as cheap hobs. They cost many hundreds to many thousands of dollars.

      Sometime you can luck out and buy an auction lot of hobs sharpened back to nearly nothing. If you baby them they'll still make gears but bust one tooth in the cut and the rusults are ugly.


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        Dr. Rob
        There were a couple of threads on gear cutting & hobbing a few months ago.
        If you have the time & patience to go back & find them, I think you'd find them interesting...think they were started by John S.


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          Well thank you kindly, Herb. I'll go have a look.

          Edit: Nope, either I didn't find it or it wasn't what I was looking for. Thanks anyway, all.

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