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BP series one C/P problems

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  • BP series one C/P problems

    I recently resurrected an old B/P series 1 cnc. Some of you may remember about a year ago.
    I will be moving it to the new place and will be doing a little playing with it soon.
    The last work I was doing with it was to store programs on a pc and downloading them to the mill.
    I was successful at downloading the G/code to the mill but when I ran the program I think the pc was getting some bad voltage spikes or something. After the program was run in the mill the pc was locked up and when rebooted would not run.
    I tried another elcheepo C/P and the same thing happened. I didn’t try to disconnect the pc before running the mill, but it should prevent burn up of the pc. I would like to fix this problem because I will surly forget to unhook the connection and let the invisible smoke out.

    Just a little info.
    I built a phase converter for the mill and I think I have enough caps to keep the voltage on each leg within 5% or so. If I remember correctly the made leg is high with the mill off and about right with the mill on and quill running. I have an original leg run to the transformer that bumps 220 down to 110 for the mills computer.
    I have measured voltage from the mill chasse to a steak I pounded into the ground to see if I had a ground problem with the mill. If I remember correctly it was about 1.5V or so.
    Will this voltage be enough to fry the pc, if the mill is sending voltage through the pc connection to the pc ground.
    I may try running an extra ground in between everybody and use the same 110 output off the mill transformer for the pc power. I can’t remember if my old garage had a proper earth ground rod or not. I did have a wire running from the mill to the phase converter to the breaker box ground.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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