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I think I need to buy a welder

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  • I think I need to buy a welder

    I have a small machine shop. Both Manual and CNC. I'm bidding on a contract that will require a lot of alum welding so I'm thinking of doing it all in house.
    What do you guys think of this...

    I'm no welder but I can hire one...

    Phinney Bay Machine Works

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    While that's a very nice TIG, depending on the amount of welding needed a MIG with a spool gun is much faster. It all depends on the parts to be welded wether the spool gun is acceptable or not. TIG is nice, but very slow going.


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      X2...You will weld four or five times faster(or more depending) with mig and the alu doesn't have to be as clean. Most production shops I've worked in will shoot you on site if they see you pick up a tig torch for any high production work.
      Nicest production alu setup I ever ran was a Miller inverter with an Optima converter. That thing would just sing! You where actually welding in a new spray transfer mode and it was incredibly fast with good penetration and beautiful looking welds.
      I like tig but if I had to do a lot of welding on alu that'd be the setup I'd buy. I'm not sure if Miller even makes the Optima unit anymore but it was good.
      I have tools I don't even know I own...