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  • Brush with Greatness!

    Hi Friends,

    I'm still pretty numb. I've just spent the last three hours with the most exclusive group in the world. The International Association of Space Explorers is meeting in Salt Lake City. This is only the second time this group has met in the USA for their annual meeting. I never thought I'd ever meet Scott Carpenter. I hope Buzz Aldrin makes it too. Some 60 or so astronauts from all over the world were there with their wives. If only it were possible to recount all the stories and all the experiences of these excellent gentlemen. They will be here for a week. Check out the website and check the attendee page.

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    I like that windshield logo they got on the cover page!
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    Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

    It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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      The website is pretty cool. My brother put it all together. There was tremendous time pressure but he pulled it off.

      Today we got up early to meet astronauts Jay Apt and Tom Henricks and his wife at 5:00am and we went to a Junior High School to do an event for local media live spots and the Junior High Students and a model rocketry club.

      Later we attended a formal event opening ceremonies complete with honor guard and Speeches by Astronaut and former Senator Jake Garn and Governor John Huntsman.

      It's been really great. I spent some time with both the Senator and the Governor.

      The greatest privilege was to attend an exclusive viewing of a 3D OmniMax film made by Tom Hanks about the moon landings, and with the very people who ARE the space programs of the world, and those who best represent the entire living history of the space effort on both sides of the cold war.

      It was a wonderful thing to witness the camaraderie between all of these excellent gentlemen who are from so many nations and from so many ideologies, even though they all suffered through the cold war, and in fact they directly affected the end of it.

      It was also heart rending to pay homage with them to those who have paid the highest price for man's reach into space, with those very people who really knew and loved them. and to honor their spouses, many of whom were with us.

      What a great day and an important day.

      Tomorrow is about technical meetings with related industries like ATK (Formerly Morton Thiokol.)

      These men and women all have one message, and it is about a delicate earth that we all need to start taking care of, because we all are traveling in the same ship.

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