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  • old machine repairs

    How many of you that have older machines have found parts assembled wrong by the previous owner(s)?

    I had the cross slide a part while installing a linear scale and found the cross slide nuts installed completely wrong with the adjustment wedge missing. This is at least the third or fourth thing that I found assembled backwards or completely wrong. I am learning to keep the parts diagrams nearby when making repairs.

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    A couple of my machines (Like I have hundreds or something :rolleyes were projects which had not been completed by previous owners. I've seen some backwards stuff...


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      And people wonder why some of us take apart "new used" machines before using them....

      Some of the "good old boys" claim they don't even clean 'em.... "why? they'll be dirty again in no time".

      I have just one machine that was assembled correctly when I got it used (mill). And even that one, I wanted the handwheel at the other end of the table, and I changed the drive which was way too fast.

      Just about every other machine had some medium to major screwup in how it was assembled, PLUS usually problems with bearings, bad parts, etc. And then of course just stuff that would be better another way.

      Universe of machines in question: Lathes (2) shapers (2) drill presses (3) die filers (2) Mill (1), Arbor press(1) TP grinder (1).....

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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        My first lathe was a Boxford a.u.d read Southbend in U.S.A anyway it should have had powered crosslide but it did not work despite the apron clutch moving and everything else being or seeming normal. When I took it all apart it turned out to be that the crosslide leadscrew was too short.The previous owner a Boxford agent must have stolen it for another lathe anywayI sent off to boxford who wanted about آ£3oo pounds plus tax and fitting for about an eight inch threaded rod.In the end they found me one cheaper which I had to take all shows you it's a steep learning curve when getting into this game hobby or otherwise Alistair p.s good luck
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          An even more insidious problem is to take apart a machine you have previously assembled properly only to find that someone must have slipped in in the dark of night and dismantled and reassembled it improperly.
          Jim H.


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            I've found parts of old machine tools which were assembled wrong by the factory. Good American tools, too.

            Doesn't happen often. But it shouldn't happen at all.