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  • help with colchester lathe

    Help! A friend of mine has a Colchester 'Gamet',model 600 lathe. 12"swing by 40 " bed. Serial number is 20/0003/00170DD. He needs any/all info on it. It is in good shape,overall, but is missing the gearbox/gears. The bed ways look like it has never been used! Really is a nice little lathe. The lathe has a 2 hp-3phase motor. Anyone out there with info-chuck/spindle data please let me know. Not sure of the date this thing was made either, but I would guess mid 60's or so. Thanks in advance!
    --Greatest bunch of guys in the world on this board!
    Don in Nashville

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    Don, try this site. Hopefully it will help you out.



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      dont want to be too pedantic-
      - "Gamet" refers to the spindle bearings and the 600 refers to the 600 group which owns the Colchester badge .


      for Colchester info.

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        Thanks for the info...none of the serial numbers match the one on the lathe, Anyone have info on 'Gamet'bearings? Was/is this a company or a type of bearing? This lathe doesn't look like any of the pics I have found so far...something of a mystery! Thanks for all your help!
        Don in Nashville


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          Can you post some images Don? There are plenty of informed characters here who may be able to identify this machine for you.


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            _I will try to post pics of this lathe...went to the 'Colchester' page(s)...can't find anything that looks close...the lathe is set up for english thread cutting-has dial indicators (2) on the apron. My friend who recently purchased it has been in the tool/die buisness for 30-40 years, and he's at a loss. The Clausing folks will help, but they want $$$ for info. Can't say that I blame them--anyway-thanks for all the help so far--will let you guys know what we find out about this one!
            Don in Nashville.


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              Gamet is a type of high precision bearing. They're still made in Colchester I think.

              From the sound of a 2HP motor and 12 inch swing it could be a Student.


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                At that size it ought to be a 'Master' (long bed version of the Student), Gamet were a French firm making the fancy spindle bearings, I have an idea they were taken over by Colchesters but some of the older Colchesters had badges proudly announcing the Gamet connection.
                Colchesters did become part of the 600 group, but this lathe sounds as though it might be a bit old to carry their badge, maybe it was the top spindle rpm?
                The Student/Master lathes from the Mk II onwards, and maybe older, had at least a 3hp so if this one is only 2hp it must be fairly old. Is it on legs or a cabinet?



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                  YOUR IN THE USA
                  CLAUSING COLCHESTER
                  ALL THE BEST..MARK


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                    When I bought my Clausing Colchester, I called Clausing in IA?PA? somewhere. They looked up my S/N on the lathe, told me when made, shipped to who, purchased by who and when.

                    Get the numbers at the tail end, under the tailstock and call them. You can do a google search for Clausing and call the office.

                    There is a gal that knows everything, I think her name is Alice. Very helpfull


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                      Be kind to the Gamet precision bearings. They are in the $1300 or more range to replace. As someone else mentioned, Gamet bearings are available from the factory.

                      Here's a link to Clausing industrial. They are very helpful with serial numbers and the manuals are the best deal going ($25 as I recall). Den