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Brazing mild steel to cast iron?

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  • Brazing mild steel to cast iron?

    Is there a problem brazing mild steel to cast iron or is it a no brainer?

    There's a PTO cover available to me that will fit my tractor but one of the three tabs is broken off and missing that a bolt goes through to hold it on to the PTO assembly. The cover is cast iron. I was thinking of brazing on a piece of mild steel to replace the tab.

    The alternative is to buy a newly cast aluminum PTO cover for about the same price so I do have an option if the brazing is difficult. I've just never worked with cast iron.

    Is the brazing of cast iron to mild steel easy? It seems like it should be. (I've brazed mild steel to mild steel and thinks it's easy.)


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    strictly up to you.
    each option is done regularly.

    HTH Ag


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      (Is the brazing of cast iron to mild steel easy?)


      its no biggie, the cast iron that sucks is dirty exhaust manifolds, and even they are not too bad.


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        Yup. Do a good prep just like for welding. V it out from both sides so the braze gets full penetration. Make sure the heated zone is clean, free of paint and grease, and everything is properly held in position. Use a good flux (I use 20 Mule Team borax from the laundry section of the corner supermarket.) I like to bead blast the heat affected zone on the cast iron, but that's an option too.

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