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The Mice are comming, the mice are comming!

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  • The Mice are comming, the mice are comming!

    While I was sick I wore another damn mouse out. and had to get a new video card.

    So I ended up getting a Logitech MX-700 Cordless RF High Resolution Optical. Comes with NiMh batteries. Works on any surface. Has a wheel for scrolling through these pages (yeah!)which is also a middle button. Two thumb buttons, 3 top buttons, left and right mouse button. All programmable. Has a recharging stand.

    Awesome - on the geezer index it is a 22, a 8 for everyone else (it would be a 10 if it was not $100 Canadian). Now I can fly through the posts...

    ATI Radeon 9700 Pro video card may need a hard drive power connector for more juice, but it is the fastest board I have ever used. (Joy!)

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    Hi Thrud! Glad to see you back. Was concerned as to your status. I've got a dumb question. I picked up a micrometer stop of a Logan lathe. No idea as to model, date of manufacture, etc. This stop is functional and will work on my lathe, but it's a crudy mess. any suggestion to prevent a screw up when I take it apart for detailed cleaning, lube, etc.?

    John B
    John B


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      Hey John -- "The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the parts." ;-)

      Try to make a living, not a killing. -- Utah Phillips
      Don't believe everything you know. -- Bumper sticker
      Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects. -- Will Rogers
      There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory. - Josh Billings
      Law of Logical Argument - Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.
      Don't own anything you have to feed or paint. - Hood River Blackie


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        Roger that SGW. But are you refering to the initial parts from disassembly or the parts left over after reassembly LOL !

        John B
        John B


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          My mouse died while back. Picked up an elcheapo optical mouse for 14 bucks, I love it, nothing to get dirty.

          One can tell it's fall, caught a mouse on the utility room couple days ago. Cat's lazy, had to use a trap, possum's been eating cat food on the porch trying to get fattened up for winter. Brenda's given me orders not to shoot and smoke the possum. Smoked a coon last weekend, pretty tasty.


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            Whoa..the Thrudster is back! Was beginning to think we were going to have to send out a search party...

            Cordless mouse eh - don't let the cordless cat git it

            Take care Dave!


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              Glad you're back, Thrud. I don't know what happened, but I hope you're feeling lots better. I know you don't take to the "superstitious nonsense" and all, but we'll be praying for you over here in crow-land anyway. Hope you get to 100% right quick!



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                Thrud When I got tired of washing mouse balls about
                five years ago, I got a Cirque GlidePoint "mouse". No
                moving parts - just my finger. Only weakness I've found
                is with drafting software; but you can work around that.

                PS- BE WELL!



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                  Glad your back to normal? I missed you on my atlas lathe questions but I was glad others were there to help me, as always (thanks everybody.)
                  I hope your mouse doesn't die again!
                  Feel better Dave, Rick.


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                    Hey Herb,

                    When you wash mouse balls, how do you get 'em to keep their legs spread?
                    Stuart de Haro


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                      Tried one of those mice without balls, the feel was just not there. Guess this is personal preference. I use normal mouse, like it.

                      I have started to go with the optical mice (or is it mouse) at school. My shop classroom is now used for a night class, so I started missing mouse balls. Went to the optical mice, the kids love them.

                      CCBW, MAH


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                        hornluv verrry tricky!



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                          Got an optical trackball....Can hold in one hand and just move thumb!! Love the optical anythingy, mouse or Tball.

                          Just remembered to 'clean it'... the three little pins that hold the ball. They get gunky once in a while. cannot remember when I last de-gunked it.


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                            Don't use a hammer to dis-assemble - it is not winblows! If you have taken apart a normal micrometer you sometimes need two ro three tools for it. The most critical of course in a micrometer is aligning the spidle so it is zeroed. You don't have to wory about that, adjusting proper tension on the lead screw is the only important thing - that and a good instrument oil - not WD40! Use a sperm whale oil if you can find it (watch repair) or Starrett instrument oil. When you clean it make sure you use clean solvent after all the gunk has been removed to rinse the parts - in particular the lead screw (on the thimble) and the body and tension nuts. use a tooth brush or a stainless steel brush to get the grime out. I use a GC Electronics SS flux brush with an aluminum handle or a Dux Jewelers brush (Fine brass and SS in wood handles) to get the grime out of knurls. I also use D-Limonene as a solvent. It is flammable but non-toxic (citris peel extract) and can be mixed in water. 3M sells small spray cans of this stuff. A 5 Gallon pail of D-Limonene from a chemical supplier costs around $60 (Can$) here in Edmonton. It will attack most plastics - so don't dunk your glasses in it!


                            Thanks for the concern - no need to worry, my Doctor was just trying to kill me again. (foiled again!)

                            As for being back to normal, I was never that way in the first place, geez!

                            Super cool CNC:
                            Cincom RO4 (Made by Citizen Watch Co.)

                            throw - 4mm (5/32")
                            max length 51mm (2")
                            Main spindle: 200-20,000 rpm
                            Back Spindle: 100-10,000 rpm
                            rapids 30 meters/min. (uses linear motors)

                            Think we could turn some brake rotors for a Terex Dump truck on it?

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                              Once I got a girlie mouse at work, I
                              IMMEDIATELY got one for home too. Kids have simulation games (build this empire from scratch) and wear out the boy meeces pretty fast.
                              I'm here hoping to advancify my smartitude.