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    My neighbor stopped by the other day. He is one of the founders of NAMES. Due to problems with the site in Bowling Green, (They canceled their contract and several others.) They have changed the location and date of this year's show.

    The new location is the SeaGate Convention Center in downtown Toledo, Ohio. The new date is a week earlier, April 22 & 23, still Saturday and Sunday.

    Some of you may be familiar with SeaGate, it is the location of the Weak Signals RC show, another international show. The facilities are much better than any other locations for the show. Parking is available and there are many motels and restaraunts in the immediate area. Toledo is easily accessed from the Ohio Turnpike and Interstate Route 75.

    SeaGate is larger and more open allowing more vendor and display space, and will feature a 7-1/2" gauge railroad loop on the floor.

    This is the largest model engineering show in North America, and I thought you would appreciate advance notice of the changes so you can mark or change your calendars now.
    Jim H.

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    The largest Model Engineering show in N America and it only runs for 2 days ??

    We are currently having the Midlands ME Exhibition at the moment and it runs for 6 days, admittedly this is a long one but most run for 3 to 4 days.

    Sir John.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      Not too much that I can do about that. Our attention span must be less than you Brits.

      Most steam and farm engine shows are two or three days. The Weak Signals RC show I mentioned, which is one of the largest, if not the largest RC show in the country is only three days. It is in it's 52nd year, and is international.
      Jim H.


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        Hey JC
        Is there room for campers right at at the Toledo facility?
        (Wyandotte and Southgate, both had large areas for RV'ers adjacent to the building)

        Is it safe ?...saw the riots on TV but they didn't say where in Toledo



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          There is a secure camper parking area close to the SeaGate Center for self contained campers, no hookups are available. Cost is $4.00/day. This info is from information from the committee, I do not know where it is located.

          Toledo is safe. The "riot" was about a two block area on the north side of town. I did not see the national coverage, but imagine it was enhanced by camera angle.
          Jim H.


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            The Toledo , Ohio riots were VERY real.....Not created by "the camera angle"....Just ask the many people who were injured in the riot..My son was one of the injured....