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  • removing collets

    I have a chinese collet holder for my mill-drill. It could be ER-32 but the collets are only slit in one direction, so I don't really know what it is. The collets are double angle.

    So, how do I get the collet/endmill out of the holder when I want to change sizes? Removing the whole endmill holder from the machine, going to the vise and prying it out kinda defeats the purpose of having it. Pulling the end nut and prying the collet out with a big screwdriver so it drops onto the table doesn't seem much better.

    I thought maybe the first time I had over tightened it as I used it to tighten the drawbar. The second time, I spun the mill in the collet so it wasn't tight enough -- still stuck.

    Thank you for your time.

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    If they're ER style collets with a groove round you need to locate the collet in the lip in the nut first and then screw the nut on.When you unscrew the nut it will pull the collet out.

    You can tell when it's right,there isn't a gap between the face of the collet and the inside of the nut.



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      There are alot of collets like that.
      It is a good habit to get into checking for that.

      The tame Wolf !


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        Just tap on the endmills shank with a wrench. It'll fall right out.


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          Thank you. That was exactly the problem.