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    You can make yourself feel better in a number of ways, obviously. But, if you sit back and think of the good American people in South Bend, Indiana or Kalamazoo, Michigan who are going hungry while American hating Chinese are getting their daily fix of rice...while uncaring middle-men make an enormous can award yourself a medal for betraying the things the country was founded on by saying to yourself "This little bit of commerce will not drag America down..." But, bit by bit, America is becoming a third world country due to your consistent trade with America's avowed enemies.
    Get yourself a bumper sticker that reads: "I don't give a damn about American workers; Buy Chinese.
    Today we carve our own omens Leonidas at Thermopylae

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    Thanks John. Hell, I even ate some General Tso's chicken for dinner...

    I'm a poor guy and without cheap chicom tools a lot of guys like myself couldn't afford the hobby. I don't fish or hunt and couldn't give a crap about sports.

    If I had the $$ I'd buy American, but I don't. What's a guy to do?

    I mean, who can afford $10,000 for a SB Heavy 10? Maybe the gov't... but that's MY FRIGGIN' MONEY TOO!


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      That might sound very good, but the harsh reality is that most people can't afford a US made machine. Many people own South Bend machines, but those machines were made in the 50's and 60's, and do nothing for the current economy.

      So, while you may not have supported the fine folks of South Bend, you did support the longshoremen of Seattle and Portland, the truckers, train workers, and other cargo folks, the employees of Grizzly in Bellingham WA, etc. The alternative was to purchase nothing at all.

      Welcome to the new world.


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by hoffman:
        ...If I had the $$ I'd buy American, but I don't. What's a guy to do?...</font>
        Buy used American-made equipment. There's tons of it out there, at reasonable prices, and far better quality.

        The USA is bleeding money, and the chinese are sucking it up like a vampire in a dragon suit.

        Next time you complain about the potholes in your street, or the lousy education your kids are getting, or the lack of Social Security benefits, look in the mirror.

        Leigh W3NLB
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          Oh, I have my share of old American iron also I'm just not in the "all or nothing" camp.


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            Another thing no one is considering, is the amount of money these Chicom machines return to our economy as finished goods. I have a number of them and do a respectable business with them. One has to consider the return on investment...

            But then...I don't do this as a hobby either.

            Phinney Bay Machine Works
            Phinney Bay Machine Works


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              My South Bend was made in Korea.


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                Well I probably shouldn't wade in here but.

                I get sick of these threads, yea I know I shouldn't read them.

                I'll add a couple of miss informed idea's of my own to think about.

                It is clear China & the USA are two large powerfull nations. It is also clear there is a certin amount of distrust on both sides.

                I see two options.

                Either you trade with each other and in doing so the Chinese people get used to earning money and like it and as others have pointed out want more so thier wages go up which brings about ballance again so eventually both economies co-exist.

                Or you let the distrust rule, you don't attempt to trade and understand each other finally entering into a bomb slinging match causing lots of greif and destroying both economies in the process.

                Well I am only one ignorant Kiwi down under and I probably need an education but that is how I see it.

                I would like to add that these discussions don't add anything to this forum.

                As an outsider from both parties been discussed here I would probably more easily associate with the USA and it saddens me to here some of the comments being made.


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                  John, you`re correct there but what we have to remember is just because a man smiles and shakes your hand, doesn`t make him a trusted friend; that takes a while longer and involves patience, understanding and a degree of guarded trust until the friendship is proven.
                  As you well know, we too have a members in our government and the business world without any patriotism. They appear to be businessmen/women without integrity.

                  as an aside; I thought it was the 15-10-05 today

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                    Very true Ken.

                    Oh remain rivals by all means. I am all for patriotism. Life is like a race and we should strive to win, but don't let hate consume you because sometimes you can get blinded by it and the enemy comes from within.



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                      Hail all Ye who are either over the hill or hidding under a rock !! Support Jessie Jackson for President! The South and the rustbowl and the rednecks will rise again and we can go back to the great nation we were in 1930! Everyone getting some and I'm left out!!!

                      A zero sum game is an excuse from a guy who can't get a job! Importing products from abroad does not diminish national income. It enhances it! Our national economy last year was some thing like 13 trillion dollars. How much did you contribute to it ???

                      I see nothing wrong in purchasing inexpensive Chineese or otherwise toys. A home shop is not a manufacturing facility, it is a hobby. As a business, I would be looking at the type of NC equipment shown in the History Channel program. The world's best is still predominately American.

                      In reality, the only competition anymore is from foreign sources. American firms need competition to get off their duffs. The auto industry was a good example with Jap cars.

                      I get tired of tedious argument for old American iron as if it was some sacred relic. Compare the price of various makes against a definite set of specifications and go accordingly, or build your own.

                      I just bought two 6" crescent wrenches for $3.00 each (Chineese) They work just fine and when my kids loose these I am only out $3.00 instead of $12.00


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                        Does anyone honestly think with our larger companies moving overseas themselves or south/north thanks to NAFTA, with our governments help, that our little purchases of old tired used machines are going to help our national deficit?

                        Who the hell in our "Home Shop" status buys Brand New American Iron (BNAI tm) just to make that sterling engine that they spent their hard earnd social security checks on (that I won't see by the way it's going with my current age of 38)...

                        Criminies man, if it wern't for import tools, and import cars, and import food, America would currently be an empty friggin wasteland.

                        *off political milk crate
                        Killing aluminum one chip at a time


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                          Son inlaw just finished contracting a nice size building extension for the HAAS people in Oxnard. The building, actually an overhead extension of an existing facility, covers an expanded dock/shipping area where machines are crated for shipment abroad.

                          Irony? Their best customer is China. I won't disclose the numbers/ratios mentioned, you wouldn't believe them anyway.



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                            The real problem is that America is now purchasing huge amounts of consumer goods and non-productive war materials with funds that should be going into domestic capital investment and paying the bill with debt instruments held by potential future adversaries like China. So the question is, what happens when the day comes that our international creditors decide to cash in their chits and demand payment in real substance? Will we start forking over actual pieces of our country to them or will we be forced to protect ourselves militarily?


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                              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Flatline's Up!:
                              Does anyone honestly think with our larger companies moving overseas themselves or south/north thanks to NAFTA, with our governments help, that our little purchases of old tired used machines are going to help our national deficit?
                              You are SO far off the point...........

                              Of COURSE it has a benefit to buy used US iron.....

                              EVERY BUCK that does NOT go to support china is good..

                              You may not be employing a factory worker here, but you are doing your part to "unemploy" one in our enemy's factory.

                              Keep eye on ball.
                              Hashim Khan