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What are ya up to? Project check.

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  • What are ya up to? Project check.

    Havent seen one of these posted for a bit. Hoffman and his welder made me think to ask the question.

    So, what do you have going on right now? Interesting, mundane or the plans of something big.

    Me? I'm starting to work on the transformaton of the old Boss Bridgeport to a pc based drive so that I have cutter comp. and maybe a 4th axis.
    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.

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    The buggy project, and more recentely, playing that game where you hit the pop-up clowns with a big wooden hammer



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      Not a lot of machining but the right season for it ... gonna build an electronic mouse trap that re-triggers, holds multiple mice and is harmless so kids can see the mice and help to "relocate" them. If no kids, relocation might be to the indoor Bermuda triangle on sub zero winter nights


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        holy $%#$ many here will be typing all night


        trial cnc project lite mill - ie for pcbs'including making the electronics (although not the design)
        stuart triple expansion, bottom half is finished
        hit & miss engine, finished the gas tank on the weekend
        accessories for a T&C grinder
        thinking about a clock, then a radial engine, then ...



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          Making an octagon poker table featuring mahogany veneer, velvet and some nice fake leather.

          In the process of trying to find a house. All the ones we like get sold before we can do anything.

          So maybe we will build.

          Oh, forgot, making a concave live center and holder for my tailstock. Also making more plastic collets to protect cues in the headstock.

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            This @&$%#dirty rot$%&#$pos345&#rusted$&*%^#...
            Just about have the new front spring install done

            Motor mounts done, just about finished the matching (uses the same poly bushings as the motor mounts) crossmember for the 700R4/208

            Done a ton of fabwork and body work
            I have tools I don't even know I own...


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              Just finished and got running a "Whatzit",
              Philip Duclos design from HSM. Maybe tomorrow I'll take some pictures of it.


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                I'm fixin' to mount the FEL on the Kenbota. Still have some hydraulic valve and curl cylinder issues but it's almost ready.


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                  Well I am pretty much done with the outside, now I just have to furnish this son of b!t$c. I got a feeling it is going to run up my Ikea card to the max.


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                    Haha...sawing wood Actually I just today bought a Windham 10,000lb forklift,it's greasy,dirty and needs a tranny so,yup I'm even busier

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                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      A rather large CD rack/autoloader.


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                        Just about done with my Kearney Trecker S12-307, ready to make some chips.
                        James Kilroy


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                          Getting ready to put another rearend into the Stock Car...a straight one with a different ratio for our new track. Gotta get ready for that seventh in a row class championship next year, eh?
                          Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


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                            Right now, working on making one of these:

                            as part of restoring the item that this is part of

                            That currently looks like

                            But also has these two lovely parts that may need work.....


                            Keep eye on ball.
                            Hashim Khan


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                              I'm working on a catapult designed to fling baseballs into a 10" diameter target placed anywhere between 5 and 30' away from the launcher. Yeah, it's a class project, but it involves a fair amount of machining and some neat linear bearings and stuff, so I figure it counts.

                              here are screenshots of the solidworks models. I've made the bearing carriers, and have roughed out the plate that the ball sits on. I'll get some real pictures, and maybe a video eventually.