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I want to build an aquariun stand...

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  • I want to build an aquariun stand...

    A trip to the fair yeilded 2 goldfish, which spawned a trip to petsmart, which led to an aquarium, I guess you get the idea...

    I told my wife I could build one out of steel welded tubing but she's not gonna have any industrial looking stuff in the living room. It's not a big one, just 15 gallons but she wants a stand with a drawer or cabinet or something. I think I could pull it off and it may make her happy and help her understand how important and essential it is to have a small industrial complex in the backyard...

    I'm not real clever so I was wondering if anyone had any pics of something I could handle with my limited skills. I was thinking about a tiled top which would impress her... maybe... Maybe just a simple wood cabinet door with a magnetic catch.

    I'd love to try an aluminum framed stand with a polished diamond treadplate top and some awesome "row of coins" TIG welds in the corners but I think I'd better get to practicing first

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    Start collecting machinery for a wood shop.


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      It's going to be made out of welded tubing. I really don't want to catch woodworkers disease...

      I wish the plasma cutter would hurry up and get here because I could cut a pattern in something like 16 ga. and use it for the sides and front cabinet door.

      Anyone know where I can get a cheap spotwelder? May come in handy on this one

      God help me...

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        Paint it with some of that fancy spray paint they sell nowadays in a color that matches.


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          I would build it out of angle iron. 1/2" x 1/2" x 3/16" for the top miterd (The tank fits inside with 1/2" lip on the outside. Either build the legs with the same angle, or DOM seamless. Build a few shelfs inside the legs too with the angle and fit some laminated MDF,etc.



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            What is wrong with the industrial look? The more industrial and shined up, the better?!!!!!
            CCBW, MAH


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              Goldfish .... a likely story.

              If you're going to use it to store your rusty ol' machines (and make them feel at home) you're going to need a much bigger tank.

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                I could probably keep a Taig in there...


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                  I would send you this for a start on a spot welder but the shipping would be more than buying one new.

                  Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                    after you've got the goldfish goin....get yerself an oscar. those are fun fish.

                    when mine died five years ago it was in a 100 gallon tank, eating a few goldfish a day and the about 8" long. I needed a bigger tank.

                    He would have lived longer, but I didn't catch the ick in time



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                      Find someone with a mig welder. I go around on trash day and pick up all the old angle-iron bed frames that go out in the trash. Its great because I don't have to go out early in the morning because the trash pickup won't take any metal so they sit there all day for the taking. The largest tank I have is a 20 gallon (high). The angle iron is mostly the 1" category which is plenty strong. Better yet go buy a welder and tell the wife you need it to make a fish tank stand. I used a similar ploy to buy a mig. Uncrichie...


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                        Thanks guys, but about the spot welder, I was kind of goofin' on this post:

                        I may get one though...


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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">...and help her understand how important and essential it is to have a small industrial complex in the backyard...</font>

                          I remember those days.


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                            You could get rich making these is right! It's all in the marketing and shutting down flea markets and yard sales

                            I only paid $4.50 for this stand but had the guy stuck to his guns I would have had to go the whole $5.00 but then it's been said I'm cheap and a heartless negotiator If this one had a little more rust on it, that is to say more of a challenge I'd send it on down to you!

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