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  • OT-Satelite for internet

    I will be moving to a country area that wont get cable or DSL service. Its all satellite. I work from home most days, and enjoy a fast connection, but not absolutely necessary for work reason (but really want it).
    Anybody have any comments about high speed internet though a satellite connection.

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    It's expensive. Costs have come down, but it's still pretty pricey. If you've got a lot of land, and there's very little cell service in your area, you might be able to work out a deal with one of the cell phone companies where you get high speed internet in exchange for allowing them to put a tower on your land.


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      Location, Location, Location. Sounds like you want to move to the wrong location


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        Satellite internet has high latency. You click, you wait. You click, you wait. You click, you wait....

        It's because the signal has to travel an extra 92,000 miles or so to get where it is going and back again.
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          I have it.
          I have no other option besides dial-up.

          If it's your only option, it's not too bad.
          Caveats about satellite internet in my experience;
          Slow uploads (you to the world).
          You have no control of your router settings... you can't (for example), open UDP ports to set up VNC connections, etc. If you don't know what that means, then you'll probably never care... but if you do, then be aware of it.

          I'd rather eat blue-hot chips out of my chip tray than go back to dial up, but if DSL or Cable were available, I'd drop satellite in a heartbeat.

          Paul F.


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            I was reading CNN today. Seems wifi networking is coming along. Check yer new town, maybe you are in this guys 700 square miles. JRouche

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              thats the problem, not really near a town. Just a bunch of other house, not very close to each other.


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                My folks have it out in the sticks. I think they use a service called comcast or some such thing. Its about $60 a month which is actually cheaper than my cable modem once you figure in the basic cable I have to buy and don't watch. They get really good download speed, between 2 and 3 Mb.
                James Kilroy


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                  Are you assuming you can't get cable or DSL? I thought that and could have been knocked over with a feather when I found out the country road I live on is in the far pocket of the cable company and I get cable modem service. I had to call them on the phone and give them my address and they confirmed it. If you haven't done that yet, you should.
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                    i have already checked.


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                      Isn't Marysville where the Honda Plant is located. I have a Goldwing.
                      How far are you moving from your present location?
                      I have satellite on the drilling rig location that I work and DSL at home - no comparison, DSL is much better.
                      Satellite is still better than dial up but only you can determine if the cost is justified.


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                        There isnt even DSL located here in Marysville yet. There are some subdivisions being built that dont have cable yet.

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                          My parents just got Cable tv service this year. High latency.. No games for you. Not able to change your router settings? Cant forward ports? OUChhhhhh!


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                            I live where there is no cable, dsl, etc. and likely not to ever have anything better than satellite.

                            Some points.
                            It costs more than other options.
                            When it rains hard you loose the signal briefly, and that dosn't necesarly mean it is raining where you live. Wherever the satelite downlink is it could be raining hard.
                            There is a lag sometimes, but unless you are trying to play online games, you probably won't notice it.
                            Uploads are slower than downloads
                            Access to secure sites is slow as they are not cached on the servers.
                            Can't run a website from a server at home.
                            No phone line connection is needed
                            Modem will hook up right to your broadband firewall router, and more computers can be hooked up through a switch off of the router.

                            I use the DirecWay service with the small busisness account. It comes with a .98 meter dish (larger dish) and gets a better signal as well as a higher daily bandwith limit.

                            Make sure the installer uses a good pole sch 40 is ideal, water pipe or rigid conduit will do, to mount it. I wasn't here when the installer installed mine and the first good wind bent the pipe (cheap Menards fence post, I have seen emt conduit that was thicker). This was after I expressed that I get 20 - 30 mph wind on a regular basis so the pole needed to be a good one.

                            So do I like it? yes. Do I wish I had something better and faster, cheaper? Sure, who wouldn't.



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                              This is the isp that I use.


                              Also check out this web site