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Aluminum of plastic truck tool box

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  • Aluminum of plastic truck tool box

    I need to buy a truck tool box. Have two choices. A plastic one, quite rugged, or an aluminum diamond plate one - welded corners, not bent. . The cost difference is quite substantial, but this is not the issue. The box must be weather proof, and easily removable.

    Just looking for opinions

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    My dad has had an aluminum one like your refering to for atleast 10 years, and it sees real heavy use, still seems to be weather tight, it has oxidized quite a bunch compared to new, I think they must have coated it with something. it takes two people to remove it easily though, my dad has done it by himself, but it was hard. I can't comment on the plastic ones.


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      The main difference that I've noticed and heard more comments about, is that the plastic/composite(?) ones will over time start sagging.

      I opted for the aluminum (about a year ago), and have seen no moisture at all inside it. Mine is an H&H brand, but I doubt there's a dime's difference in any of them.

      To remove it would entail removing one 1/4" bolt at each end, but I think it'd take two people (Or really long arms ) Not sure about removing the plastic ones.

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      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        I had a plastic one in my old Ford Ranger. I had gotten it as a gift. It suited my needs, though I really didn't care for it. The sliding tray for small items would always hang up on the ribbing when moving from side to side. As lynnl said, if heavily loaded it will sag after a while. Mine sagged without a significant load.

        I had made removal easy by only mounting with two bolts through the box and a split wing toggle in the stake pocket.

        Given the chioce I would have opted for an aluminum box.
        Paying Attention Is Not That Expensive.


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          I had an aluminum Delta box in my Ranger.

          Four 3/8" bolts, eight flat washers and nylock nuts to hold it to the bed.
          The box was drilled and so were the bed rails.
          It doesn't make sense to me to use an externally accessible clamp system.

          Theft proofed to an extent by using nylocks inside the box so that once they got a little loose the mounting bolts under the bed rail would just spin.

          Never saw water in it and the truck sat out all the time.

          Easily cleaned with WD40 and a soft rag.


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            I have a delta plastic one in the f150 it is the low profile type and no sagging, this is hard reinforced plastic not the Blowmolded style.

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              With tools in it it will be like removing a fuel tank that is filled vs an empty tank...

              Unless you fill it with chineeses plastic tools