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  • what do I do :)

    Be nice.

    I got married two weeks ago. I find that I am awful about wearing the ring.

    sister in law works for a jeweler...on occasion she will get in a ring that has to be repaired....ya know, one that has been cut off the finger because the wearer got it smashed under "________".

    What do you married guys do with your rings??

    Does it become a habit to take it off when going in to te shop and put it back on after, or do you just not wear it??

    I haven't wore it in three days and am starting to feel guilty...I just forget to put it on, mostly after working for a couple hours.


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    When I get home from work, I take my ring off, my watch, remove my wallet, change, empty my pockets, etc. When I leave the house, I put everything back on.



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      Well it depends what is more important to you...Something that really only tells other people you are married or your ring finger being attached to your body....

      Edit: Forgot to congratulate you...Sooooo congratualtions....

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        Jacob, I've been out of circulation for 26 years now and haven't worn my ring for most of it. All it took was a few photos courtisy of a doctor friend of mangeled or ring fingerless hands from ER shots, and she got real quiet, a little white and said ok. After a few years it no longer even fit on my finger. As long as she knows that you are not wearing it for safety reasons, and not to go trolling with the guys she should be all right with it. I found that leaving it home rather than taking it off at work was best as it reduced the chances of loosing it, which could cause another problem in itself. Congratulations and remember the 2 words that make for wedded bliss: " Yes Dear"


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          What does it say when someone wears a ring?

          Since it's a safety issue to wear a ring while operating machinery, you have a very good reason to reflect on the above question.

          Personally, I'd wear it only when you want to answer the above question. The nice side effect is that it means more than it otherwise would. Why belittle a wedding band by wearing it because it's mere habit?

          my $.02


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            Hello, I wear my ring on special ocassions and during vacation ( except when I am in my shop). I figure that I know I am married and will tell if needed, but if you have two girls ages 3 yrs and one 18 months with you everywhere you go they get the picture. Plus the fact that my wife is a nurse in the operating room and she knows first hand the danger. It may be gruesome but if your new bride does not under stand show her pictures. I beleive she will understand........
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              Been married for over thirty years now, think I need a medal for lasting that long, but haven't worn a ring for about twenty nine years or so. Used to drive a truck with a box on the back and loaded and unloaded from a side door, one day I jump down from the box and there's this god almighty awfull pain in me left arm and me feet are about a foot off the ground. The ring caught on the frame of the box and bloody near tore me finger of me hand. Yep, you guessed right, no more bloody ring. Tell, She Who Must Be Obeyed, NO RING,just remember, it's very painfull.


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                Same here...I jumped out of a hayloft when I was a teenager. Had a ring on that the girlfriend gave me. Thing caught on a nail and nearly tore my finger off.
                The way it got bent and twisted into my finger...they had a hell of a time to cut it out. This was done at home as it was a long ways to go to the hospital.
                After a week or so they had to take me...I had a really bad infection and really got sick.
                I've never worn a ring since and never will.
                Been married for 32 years.
                I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                  I fried my ring finger putting batteries in a bulldozer the spanner I was using to tighten the battery terminal connected with earth a heated up my wedding ring so now I have a permanent ring scar on my finger, wouldn't have happened if I was right handed. While i'm here another thing left handers have to watch out for is the button on hand held electric drills that locks the power switch on, I dont know how many times I have nearly come to grief when the drill doesn't stop when you take your finger off the switch, one day I had to let go of the handle and wait for the drill to break the cord off before it stopped, now I try to use the drill right handed if possible or keep my finger away from the button.


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                    Married 34 years and don't ever wear a ring, never have. In fact, I don't have one. Rings and machinery are a bad combination. Take it off and leave it off. She will understand, I hope.

                    BTW, my condolences, er, congratulations.
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                      Been married for 51 years. never had the need to wear a ring. the army says fingers with rings on, tear off on the seats in the back of a jimmy. Especially if you have to debus,dontcha just love that word,in a hurry.
                      Dont worry about the ring. just love that gal.


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                        When we got engaged 312 years ago we had this conversation before we married.
                        Gert asked what kind of ring I would like and for many of the reasons above, operating machinery, sticking hands behind 24 volt truck dashboards etc I said I wouldn't wear one so not to bother.
                        That went down fine and we only bought the one ring for Gert.

                        I asked if I could have a quick change toolpost instead but that didn't go down a bundle.

                        In fact I don't own any personal jewelery and never have since we have been married.
                        No cufflinks, tie pins or wristwatch. I managed for years with clocks around me not to bother, now my phone doubles up as a clock.

                        Sir John.

                        Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                          Anyway real men don't wear jewellery....Only girly men do...

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                            I agree with all the others. I dont wear mine except to formal stuff,dinners, weddings,Good friends funerals(becouse there is at least one single gal there).Other than that,forget it.Wifey and I disscussed this long ago,and any wife worth there salt would understand.

                            Oh and start putting those jellybeans in a jar.

                            The tame Wolf !

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                              I've been married 20 years and have worn my ring maybe two months. My wife keeps it with her jewelry. In the two months I wore it, it got pretty banged up.