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  • casting/pouring material

    I want to pour some largish, solid feet to support some 1" square tubing vertically and I'm looking for suggestions as to how to do it.

    some sort of plaster?
    epoxy of some sort?

    I was thinking something along the lines or using a bucket or similar for the form and casting with a piece of tubing in place. The end result has to be fairly heavy, probably 75lbs or so in order to provide adequate support for the tubing. It needs to be non-permanent, the tube needs to be able to be removed without destroying the casting. So I guess that means whatever material I use some sort of release agent will be required.

    Looking for suggestions on material, cost is a factor. Concrete seems like it would be easy enough but maybe theres a better solution?

    I've never done anything like this before so educate me a bit.

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    Most castable stuff will stick to your tube to some extent. If you elect to cast the foot in concrete, I would suggest you find some square tubing sized to telescope over your tubing that is to be supported. The outer tubing could have a crossbar fixed to it to permanently anchor it within the concrete. This would make a reasonably durable socket that would stand up to the tube being removed and replaced. Concrete dry mix is readily and economically available preblended at home centers.


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      If concrete is to be used, used motor oil makes an excellent release agent.
      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        Concrete would be good ( premix ). Non stick cooking spray would be a release agent. I suggest plugging the end of the tube and making sure the end of the tube to be immersed has NO burrs or irregularities which might " lock " it in.
        Good luck


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          Instead of a liquid or wax release agent you can put some "Saran Wrap" or other light plastic sheeting around the tube.



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            Buy some cardboard Sonotube for the mold. It makes a nice paintable finish form for concrete. No need to remove it later and is available in whatever size you need. You can cut it with a handsaw. Use a telescoping tube socket in the concrete to accept the 1" square tube. You might have to weld one up from a couple of pieces of angle iron.

            Use cement with sand and pea gravel for the concrete or buy some premix.
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