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    Does anyone know of plans, or some pointers, to make a motorized pump capable of getting up to 3300 PSI?

    There's a PCP airgun in my future, and I want to get some way to reload it without either hand pumping or using a carbon fiber tank.

    Bear in mind, the tank is probably the "best" solution... It's just that I had to give up my springer because of a rotator cuff tear and a desire not to fund my surgeon's winter home... And I liked the ability of the springer to be independent of everyone and anything.

    Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.

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    Are you getting a career 707?
    I have had a few and a Ultra 9 MM. nice air rifles.

    There is a compressor made by the career folks,and there is always the Dive tank compressor do a Ebay search.

    The tame Wolf !


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      That's some serious pressure to make at home. How about a diver's air tank. They're up around 3,000psi.


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        I'm looking at the FX semi-auto. It'll be a few months before some feedback comes back, but FX typically makes good stuff, and a 12 shot, 30 ft lb repeater smacks me as plain fun.

        Yes, I could buy a used compressor, but I was interested in thr thought of buying a hand compressor ($200) and finding some way of mechanizing the pumping process. THanks, guys.


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          I believe the FX pump is a mechanized hand pump. It may be beefed up internally and it does have liquid cooling added, in the new version. The bottom of the pump is mounted so that it can rock from side to side, and the top is connected to a pin on a large v-belt pulley, probably 10 in, or so in diameter, which is driven by a very small pulley on the motor. It looked to me like something a reasonably well equiped HSM could easily do. If you were just using it for a single gun, you probably could get away without the additional cooling, after all, the pump would not be working much harder than if you were using it by hand. I have had a Webley 0.177 for several years, which I charge with a hand pump, and I bought a Career 9mm this summer, which I have not had a chance to use. When I start using it, I will probably be looking for another charging method myself. Sixty or eighty shots per charge is quite bearable, but eight or ten shots per charge may be more of an aerobic workout than I want. It might actually be possible for you to use the hand pump, even though you have trouble with the springer, since the nature of the stroke is much different. Most of the force is on the down stroke, so you tend to lock your arms, or rest your hands against your body, and lean all of your weight on the pump.


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            there's compressors out there for paintball that'll do 4500 psi, but they're pretty big and pricy. you'll probably wanna run a tank on the gun, also.

            why no tank on the gun, though? is weight a concern with the bad rotator cuff?


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              I believe I just saw a "Surplus Center" ad in the current issue of HSM for an Air Driven Hydraulic Motor capable of that pressure.
              Maybe that will work.
              Tom M.


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                Whitting: Yes, I just haven't really done much machining. For my first "complex" machine, I wanted to have actual plans that I could follow, dummy-style. I have seen that pump, and will probably try to mock something up like that.

                Psomero: The gun does have a tank onboard - the pump is to refill the tank after it's empty/too low.

                Mayfield: Just got off the phone with them... (The guy actually laughed at me - guess I'll lose their phone #) They don't have it, but thanks for the potential tip.


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                  what are you pumping? liquid or gas?

                  if liquid, do a search on diaphram pumps, I used to work with one (can't remember the manufacturer), but it would pump to 10,000 PSI.

                  Diaphram was made of stainless steel, and driven by hydraulic fluid, pumping liquid CO2. Hydraulic fluid was pumped with a very small plunger and a couple of check valves...

                  Personally, I'm afraid of that kind of pressure. Surface finish and certified material becomes very important!



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                    Air - not liquid.


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                      Hello Benjamin,
                      I use a lot of air and have been using a 80 cu.ft. dive tank with a fill adaptor.
                      It requires a three stage compressor to fill
                      the tank. If you wanted something to hydrostat test with you could use either the pump off of a bottle jack or a grease gun. Both will do the job.I shoot several air rifles but a 2002CA Anschutz most of the time.