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  • 000-120 screws

    Folks -

    I needed a couple of 000-120 screws to fix my titanium spectacles recently - they broke where the rim meets the top of the bridge. I'm hoping to tap two small holes in the edge of the plastic lens, one on either side of the bridge, and screw the rim to the lens to hold the whole thing together. An epoxy patch reinforced with Kevlar thread held up for a few weeks, but then failed.

    The point of all this is that I had to buy a gross of 000-120 x 1/8" brass fillister head screws. If anyone needs a few, email me an address and I'll stick them to a piece of tape and mail them.

    They're almost small enough to send via email!


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    When I wore glasses and they broke (many times playing Hockey) I would get the screws I needed from "cheap sunglasses" at some place like Wal-mart.(Look for some that are broke in the store and ask for a price)
    Since the laser fixed my eyes I no longer have that problem!!
    please visit my webpage:


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      J.I. Morris, I assume? If anybody doesn't know about this place, see
      The LARGEST screw they make is 2-56!

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        J.I Morris, indeed! In good old Southbridge, MA
        Fast service, but minimum of 144 of the little devils.



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          I hate to be a spoil sport, but did you consider asking your optomertrist? They have tons of those little bastards. I lost the screws in my Titainium frames - they gave me some Titainium screws free and I was able to repair these and two other pairs with the same problem.

          I will keep the brass ones in mind though...

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