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EPA rules on painting

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  • EPA rules on painting

    Hemmings is keeping an eye on this and has links to the latest news. Here is a link to a copy of a letter to the EPA from the auto dealers association and auto repair association supporting the new rules. Not good for the hobbiest painter.

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    That of course will likely spread to Canada as well. It looks just like the "you must change the valve on your propane tank every ten years whether it leaks or not" scam that was put through by the LPG industry.

    Nice trick if you can pull it off. Wrap yourself and your industry in a green organic flag while you pull off a smooth little trick to monopolize the repaint business.
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      What a crock! Next thing we will have to pay $50 in labor to have a quart of oil added to the engine.

      If they want a better environment, then make better paints instead of regulating them out of our hands.

      Paul A.
      Paul A.

      Make it fit.
      You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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        Well said , Paul.


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          I suspect you are going to need to "get used to" this sort of thing.

          If you have been in a cave for the last 20 years, you won't have noticed that there has been an explosion in the "qualified person" requirements.... Certified this and approved that.... to blow your nose, dang near.

          The insurance industry and their partners the lawyers are at the root of it.

          "Liability" you know.... If a "qualified" person does the work it will be done right, and liability shifted away....

          You'll know its for real when (NOT "if") the electrical section disappears at HD and Lowes.... can't buy wire, can't buy outlets....

          Given the sort of unaware dumb-**** that is out there, now, being coddled by lawyers when they trim their hangnails with a lawnmower, that may actually make sense... annoying as it might be to anyone with half a brain....


          Keep eye on ball.
          Hashim Khan


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            Sounds like the body shop association wants to make sure us regular folks have to go to them to paint something. Then they have a monopoly & can charge whatever they like for the privilage. It is all BS


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              We need a grass roots movement to put an end to this crap along with the legal system's control over almost every aspect of our lives. It is getting worse every day.

              The freedom in this country is shrinking fast and not for the reasons we thought decades ago ... the USSR had Communism, we have lawyers.

              How about a nation-wide "hold harmless" note with teeth. If you are willing to take responsibility for all aspects of your own life, you sign this note which is recognized by all service or product providers in the US. YOU then decide who is competent to service or sell to you and YOU are responsible for the outcome.


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                Works for me.

                I doubt that limiting the purchase of paint products to certified shops will make much headway as a law. Not only could this outlaw paint but also compounds, waxes and treatments. Most states already have environmental laws that restrict the VOC's and painting components that are allowed to be used in that state.

                If the products are allowed to be sold in a particular state, then the products already meet federal and state laws for use in that state. Limiting the purchase wouldn't lower VOC's because the products already meet VOC requirements.

                I doubt that the manufacturers will get behind this because it will cut into their bottom line. Just like what happened to restricting R12, the hobbyist will revert to other compounds or suppliers. It will just mean that more "tractor" or "home center" paint will be sold. Or the restriction will start a new supply industry.

                Today's automotive paints are so expensive and application critical now, most hobbyist can't do the paint justice. On top of that, to mix and apply the components safely and correctly requires a high up-front expenditure in equipment. If individuals want to continue to use automotive paints, they'll find ways to circumvent the restriction or find other coatings.

                Ken Kopsky
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                  Hi there I have about 25 gallons of water based car paint in my coffers.
                  That's what they are putting on most cars these days ..with two pack lacquer over the top of it
                  does anyone have any knowledge of this stuff....would it be up-to-the-job for putting on a machine .with the suitable lacquer on top...or is not hard wearing etc.
                  all the best..mark


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                    aboard-epsilon, there is a water based epoxy that I can get, that with an additive, can withstand 40% nitro model airplane fuel.

                    The stuff looks really good. And it thins and can be cleaned up with water.

                    Anyone here use it?



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                      The problem with this is mission creep, today paint,tomrrow motor oilc, house, paint
                      or grease. Write your elected officals now.
                      Non, je ne regrette rien.


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                        Hey Mark, I bet you got that cheap!
                        Isn't that the same stuff GM, Ford, Chrysler and M-B were putting under their peeling paint?

                        You can't get Lacquer Paint any more, unless you want Black or Clear. Even then, it's not sold by auto paint stores--Only music and hardware stores. Too many VOC's for auto use.

                        It won't be long before new cars won't use paint at all. They'll be color injected plastics or powder coated. To replace a fender or bumper, you'll have to order it in your color. Structural repairs will probably more than double since they'll be powder coated. (Strip old, repair, re-coat.) You'll have to have special equipment and procedures for spot repairs.


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                          Now you know why jobs go overseas. Think China has an EPA?


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                            "Think China has an EPA?"

                            As a matter of fact they do. They recently ordered the shutdown of one of the largest steel mills in China because of pollution concerns.

                            It's called the "China State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)".


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                              "Hey Mark, I bet you got that cheap!"

                              We had a bit of a tsunami in north wales about 15 years ago.I found them bobing about in a field on the side of the road.

                              About the flood..


                              all the best................mark