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    I'm looking to educate myself on investment casting, any help would be appreciated. I took a foundry class years ago at the local community college, I've made parts using sand molds, so I'm familiar with pouring metal. I'm looking for the specific aspects of invest casting. I'm looking books/video help. Thanks, Smitty
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    Talk to my wife!



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      Its also called lost wax casting. Alot of harness fitting are cast that way. From using a reproduction mold tto cast the wax in. you also can built up the wax model than make the mold for casting the metal. can't give you any current books. but a goolge search on lost wax casting or jewerlly casting should work. also check out your comm college they generally have classes in casting and wax moldeling. Check this outfit out.
      They rent dvd's and tapes on all kind of subjects wasn't looking for that last time I was there.
      this is one for mould making.
      They are a foundry supplier and wax supplier. The above sires should give you something to chew on.

      Been there, probally broke it doing that

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      Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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        Oh, well! If you are not asking the Missus, here goes

        Look for something by B. Terry Aspin called
        "Backyard Foundry"

        My wife has or had a far more salubrious lab for her investment casting in gold and platinum. Dentists don't have back yards!

        Seriously, read the book



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          what metal, and what weight/complexity of casting are you looking at?


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            You can find a couple books on e-bay from time to time on the subject. I have C.W. Ammen book, Lost Wax Casting which is pretty complete but I finally had to take a night course at a community art center to get all the answers to questions that I couldn't find or understand from books before I got a good casting to turn out.

            It's a whole different ball game from sand casting especially if you are trying to cast larger items. That was the only problem with this class. They could only cast small items like rings and jewelry items and I wanted to do some hood ornaments and their small electric furnace couldn't hold enough metal for me to do my projects there. I ended up taking the wax items home and doing them in my foundry. They did answer the questions on venting, investment temperatures and ramping time schedules needed for brass and aluminum and what temperatures they needed to be at when poured plus the other small details required to get a good casting. Things that I had read but truly didn't understand until a saw it actually done with hands on if only on a smaller scale sure made it easier to for me when I did it on my own in my foundry. Bob

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              Dont know if this will help
              C.E. Siler in Chandler N.C.made some fine flint&precussion locks using lost wax casting .Heard he also did other lost wax casting