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  • Back in the shop today

    After having a Servical Spine Fusion on the 15th I was able to get back in the shop. Just a small job, but it felt great. Of course I couldn't find the too that I needed. A pair of pliers in my tool case that was on the floor. Who ever looks on the floor for something.

    This Forum helped me keep my sanity for the past weeks. It was enjoyable, humorous at times, and yes, I did learn a few things.

    Thanks again for your words of encouragement from the first post. I hope to see some of you at the Cabin Fever Show. If the weather is ok, I plan on being there.

    Surgery went well and I'm well on the mend.


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    From personal experience I would suggest that you not overdo anything while you are on the mend. The body takes time to heal and even if you feel great you are not ready for any heavy work.

    Hope you keep feeling well and continue to progress.



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      Thanks Joe:

      I have no intentions of doing any heavy work. It's just great to go down and look around, after staring at the four walls all day. Nothing on TV and couldn't read much less sit at the computer. The Doctor said that I could start driving this week provided the motion in my neck is ok.


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        Hey Stephen,

        Glad to hear you're on the mend. Did you ever get that program working?

        Regards, Marv

        Home Shop Freeware - Tools for People Who Build Things
        Regards, Marv

        Home Shop Freeware - Tools for People Who Build Things

        Location: LA, CA, USA


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          Good to hear that you are doing better. Keep well and don’t
          Have a happy holiday and a better new year.


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            Glad to hear you are on the way back to full speed. I have a magnet on a 3 ft. handle for retrieving those out of the way parts and dropped tools.



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              Glad to hear your back. Working in the shop always helps a person to feel good. Don't overdo a good thing. Good luck!


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                Good work. May I suggest you stay out of the car for other than trips to the Doc/chemist/hospital. I found that the vibration from the car over any distance left me worn out after the trip.give it a good month if you can.
                One of those pick up things the park attendants use to pick up needles and other noisome junk is very helpful also.
                Keep getting better.