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OT:1940s-Era Window Cranks

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  • OT:1940s-Era Window Cranks

    Anybody know of a website that has high quality photos of common automotive window cranks used in the 1940s? The guy in Nashville who's restoring a Tucker is having trouble figuring out what car they might have come off of. Apparently, they were trying to get the cars assembled quickly and didn't have time to design their own, so they just grabbed whatever was at hand, and put them on the cars (each car has a different style).

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    During the war effort, 42-45 cars/trucks weren't built or were produced for wartime efforts only. In 1946, most vehicles were from new tooling except some of the trucks (wartime caryovers). Most of the metal and dies were converted to wartime use so the auto makers had to start over.

    Since the Tuckers were built in 1948, I'd look in the 47 and 48 range of cars. I'd look for some specialty catalogs for Ford, Chevy and Chrysler--online.