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  • Tinkerer
    I have a two head Mr. Heater... put it on a 20lb cylinder as well as a 80lber now and then. They work ok but are more a spot heater then anything else. They will raise the ambient air temp but not real fast being a radiant heater. I prefer to take the chill out of the air with the 175000 btu hurricane heater... it will melt the snow off the roof... then use the little heater to keep me comfortable when welding. As with most thing use common sense at you be fine around the bottle. I've also seen a mini hurricane heater that are adjustable in the 7-25000 btu range. I think they would be real nice in a small garage for fast heating.

    If you go with electric look into the oil filled radiator type heaters. I have one in the small machine shop building and have it set on low. It keeps the temp very comfortable for the machines... I did insulate it when built so it holds the heat really well.

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  • PTSideshow
    I have one from Harbor freight single head unit clamps on top of the tank. need lots of vent and it only heats what is in the line of fire( pardon the pun) *radiant* infrared heater it does not heat the air as such. really good for setting the powder coat paint. It will not take the chill out of the air.But it does the job for warming up the backside when working on the trauck that you can't get in the shop because of to many toys.
    I have one of those 100K jet fuel heaters with the blower sometimes called a torpedo heater. It also needs a lot more ventilation. will warm up tyhe shop fast. smells of kerosene.
    Since I have a two story shop, its a pain to drag any up and down stairs. Its also a mess. I have an electric frankilin stove and a couple of electric heaters with fans.
    It will take the chill off and then I work in vest.
    I have got to finish installing the furnance in the joint. don't know if I will be able to afford to run it.Natural gas in southeast Mich is supposed to go up 47%. Figures just joined the monthly budget plan it has already gone up once lol.

    The franklin stove type heater was on sale at the local miejers store for 89.00 has a fan in it and two elemnts a high and low. also the fake flame/log burning Stuff never have turned that on.
    Harbor freight had the style on sale last month for 99.00

    Been there, probally broke it doing that

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  • Evan
    Propane tanks are not allowed inside.

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  • Rustybolt
    started a topic Shop heaters.

    Shop heaters.

    I want to take the chill out of the air in my garage.I don't want to connect to the gas supply so I'm thinking about a portable infrared heater. Specifically the ones that sit ontop of the propane tank. They come in one, two, or three burners. Any one of you habve any experience with them?
    My garage is about 400 square feet with a 9/1/2 foot cieling.It's attached to the house so I get some relief.