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    I am wanting to build a 5C collet closer for my lathe as shown in the article by Norman Telleson in the May/June and July/August 2001 issues of HSM. While I understand a good portion of the article I am having trouble with other portions.Would there be anybody out there who would be willing to mentor a relative newbie with this project. It will require some emails back and forth and maybe a few phone calls.I am not planning on starting until January, 2006. Any takers?

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    Pat, I am just down the road, (Las Cruces). Les H.
    Les H.
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      if you do this project, why don't you take planty of photos and document what you do for the entire process. not to re-write the article, but to show how a newbie goes through the process and any pitfalls or mistakes you make.

      personally i would find this to be VERY interesting as i am a newbie myself and seeing exactly how another inexperienced person went through things would be helpful.

      andy b.
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        Make one to use ER type collets. Less stick-out, more grip range. --Doozer


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          Doozers idea to make an ER closer is a good one. Also, you have available to you on this site a tremendous collection of highly capable individuals that can help you with whatever might come up. Just don't be afraid to ask questions you might think are stupid.

          I openly classify myself as a help-e rather than a help-er.
          James Kilroy