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Who makes an alternative to the Kurt 4 inch vice?

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  • Who makes an alternative to the Kurt 4 inch vice?

    I have a Rockwell vertical mill model #21-100 that I need a vice for. The 4 inch Kurt Anglelock Vise would be perfect match for this little mill. I like the Kurt vises, they are strong, well made, ground in accurately and I like the design. If you have ever used one I don't have to tell you how good they are. I just cant pay $400+ for a vice. I know you get what you pay for most of the time, but I can't justify that much now. Enco has an imported knock off of the Kurt. I sure its not as accurate as the Kurt or has as good fit and finish. At $84.95 it's definitely in my price range. Enco, Wholesale Tool, Msc and several others offer this vice or one like it. Has anyone had any experience with the knock offs? Some other makers like Parlec, Bison and Palmgreen all make a 6 inch vise that looks a lot like the Kurt but at a lower price. Dose anyone know if they make a 4 inch version or anyone else with a good reputation for that matter? I'd just like to find a good vise for under $300 that is the same size and style as the Kurt 4 inch that I can have some confidence in without breaking the bank. I dunno maybe that is impossible.

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    I need a steadyrest and a followrest for a 10\" Logan lathe model# TLC-700A.

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    I don't know about the 4 inch models in the clones but I have a 6 inch model that I use on my mill and I believe I gave around $90 for it with the swivel base from Penn tool. I use Kurts at work but I just couldn't afford one for home use. I have been very happy with mine and I checked it all over with an idicator when I first got it and it was easily within half a thousandth on all critical spots. It also clamps good and square. I have thought about buying a 4 inch model for smaller parts and because it would be lighter to change out when putting up the rotary table. For the difference in money, mine works so well that I would buy another one if I needed two for a job.
    Jonathan P.


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      Kurt is #1 in my book too, but for budgetary reasons I bought a 4" (with swivel base) from Grizzly several years ago for $75 on sale. It has worked fine but replacing the jaw retaining bolts with better ones reduced some flex in them. Den

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        I believe I would be happy with something from another maker like Parlec or Bison if they made a 4 inch. I just cant find any info.As for the import knock offs I even thought about grinding it in if I needed to, but I don't know if the design would allow for any surface removal and still be able to tighten everything up.

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        I need a steadyrest and a followrest for a 10\" Logan lathe model# TLC-700A.


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          Travers has a Wilton Veti-Lock that looks nice for $456.75. It even has a wider jaw opening than Kurt. I Wish Enco had it,but still a little out of my price range.
          I need a steadyrest and a followrest for a 10\" Logan lathe model# TLC-700A.


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            I have a 6" from Enco and it is off .002" (across the stationary face near edge .000", center +.002", other end near edge .000") but for the money I am okay with it.



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              i have enco 4" and 5" angle lock vises and have no problems with them. an anglelock is the best type of vise to have.


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                Here is a site that you might want to visit.


                These people have a multitude of vises among other things.

                To navigate the site click on inventory, type in vise as the key word. You will get a screen with a list of vises. Click on the number to the left to see a picture of the vise. There will be multiple screens so click on next to see the next listing.



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                  how about this?