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    Anybody know where to get a manual for a Lansing 15x40 lathe? Don't have the model number yet but I should this week when I get it picked up.

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    Did you buy that Lansing listed in Arkansas from Gordy Tool?
    James Kilroy


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      Nope, this one came right from good old Heidelberg, PA (about 10 minutes from my warehouse) Its one heck of a heavy machine for it's size, everything is in pretty nice shape too. A few nicks in the ways, but hardly any wear. It was originally bought new at a tech school, (know why there are a few nicks) then used in a garage/job/hobby shop for about 10 years, maybe 10 hours a month, if that much, from what he said. I am actually going to be selling it for this guy , but I have to get it completely checked out and tested before I sell it. I just thought a manual would help a little thats all.
      Do you have a link to the one at Gordy? I want to see if they are the same model.


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        Try here-

        I got one from them for the 24x120" machine at work.The manual did help me a couple times,but it was a crappy photo copy that cost $150 so be warned in advance.

        BTW,be prepared to do some electrical work if it hasn't be done already.Ours was made in Italy and they have some bizzare ideas about how electrons should be displaced.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Lansing was imported from Italy by S&S Machinery in New York. They just had or are about to have, a going out of business auction. You may want to try and see if their web site is still up. If so you may be able to contact them for help.