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  • Marion 25 progress

    Well, it's almost the end of the year when I was to complete the Marion. A few more details and it'll be time for smoke rings.

    Check out the Pics:

    Anybody know where I can find fittings for 1/8"copper tubing?


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    WOW! nice!!

    Someday, I hope to be able to do things like this.. of these years....I can dream.


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      What are beautiful piece of work. Nice going

      1/" copper tubing fittings should be easy to come buy at most auto supply places. I remember using them on copper line for oil pressure sensors or air shocks. these should be normal compression fittings.
      Good luck


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        Very nice job. I do like the side shaft engines and throttle governor to boot.

        It is a special challenge and accomplishment to build a less common engine, and to do the castings as well.
        Jim H.


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          Thanks for the kind words guys.



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            neonman, very nice workmanship, great attention to detail, big end oiler, split flywheels, etc etc. looks great. i like seeing a project where you can tell the builder went the extra distance. I also commend the materials and finish - you see so many models of period engines that look like they came out of a CA chopper shop, all shiny and such, its good to see an authentic looking model

            what are they pipe fittings for? If its fuel line, you'll have to make your own to do justice to this engine, commercial will look oversized imo. if its plumbing,
            you used to be able to get bronze cast threading fittings from either coles or power model supply (are they still in business?)as well as special model sized taper taps & dies, ie minituare pipe threads. I used these on the pump on my rider ericson and they look very authentic. come to think if it, they also had small compresison-like fittings, the kind where you'd solder a nipple on the end of the tubing.....still this baby deserves your own made to scale


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              Mcgyver, thanks for the compliments.

              The flanges on top of the engine, exhaust box, and under the head are for water cooling. I have bronze fitting trees for 1/16-27 to make fittings, rhich I bought several years ago from PM Research when I did my Corliss model.

              The 1/16-27 hole on the mixer is for gas. I'll have to make a gas cock for this. This is also why I'm looking for some 1/8 copper tube fittings. To make the gas cock, I'll have to silver solder a tapered section for the cock on to a rod which has pipt thread on one end & tube on the other. I hate using silver solder to build up parts, it just seems impure. Maybe someday I'll make a bronze casting for this.