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A productive day in the shop....

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  • A productive day in the shop....

    Had hardly any time tonight to work, what with shopping etc.


    Got the big old 18" Atlas/Clausing drill press wired up single phase, slapped in an MT 2 drill in an MT 3 adaptor and drilled a hole. First use after purchase, the new bearings, cleaning, new bevel gear, and so forth. The 3phase motor will have to wait.

    Got the top of an old Sipco machinist's box stained, it had got the "pre-stain" yesterday.

    Disassembled the partly popped hide-glue joints on the rest of the old box's casing, so they could be re-assembled after some more cleaning. Even got some of the cleaning done.

    It's more progress on hanging" projects than I have made in weeks, and I had less time to do it.... Even my wife is pleased, although I think she sees it as progress toward things she wants to happen, like the old DP leaving, some furniture repairs, etc, etc...... (IOW, it doesn't "count", since I was *expected* to do it!)

    I feel pleased anyhow, just had to say something about it. I understand Jacob's post a while back much better now...

    Beat heck out of work, where it seems I got a big goose-egg done, despite being busy all day.......

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    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan

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    Productive day hm. Made up around 280 pounds worth of idle station base and upper plates, sawed ,cut corner chamfers ground to size thickness ,drilled counterbored ,jackscrew holes cleared them tooling holes clocked in and cleared. Then made up a portable removable filtration system for my new blow press auto line. Then started grinding datumns on a **** load of d2 die blocks that look like swiss cheese. Bored pretty good. Get home drink beer been fixing my ****e house big flood in basement haha. Frikin old place trying to get more of my current 19 shop projects done but working for a living and fixing up the old shack (cause she who must be obeyed will kill me if i dont) has priority. Getting into some interesting electronic projects. I have developed a new intrest in plc systems and electronic controls in general. Busy yeah always its the way to be. Youre alive for so long but dead for a hell of a longer time. Giddeup.


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      I welded up a bracket and install it and a lifting eye on a Trun-Pro drill press. And... um... does a nap count?


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        So what did you finally do about the split cotters on the DP? I noticed in the manual you sent me that the DP didn't have full covers on the top. Mine has a cover from the front to the back covering the belt and pulleys. Don't know if this means it is older or newer than the manual. All else seems to be the same.
        Merry Christmas
        Jim Waggoner

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          On the zamak split cotters, I bagged it for the moment, set the head where I want it.....and leaving it there until I deal with them. Probably do the CRS ones, but am out of stock in that size right now.

          Table has the bronze ones, that do adjust OK.

          If you look on the page that has the motor options etc, you should see a full cover with the note saing something like "to comply with state requirements that are being put in place".

          Sounds like you have that cover. Mine. on teh other hand, has not even the smaller front cover, nor the part that goes under the spindle pulley (but the screws to hold it were there....). I'll have to do something to cover it, the chances of finding a set of covers for this are way less than non-existent.

          Keep eye on ball.
          Hashim Khan


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            The naps only count Forrest if the cat tells you to take one so they can suck the BTU's of body heat out of you. made up a couple of more christmass decorations stands and worked on derooting another section of sewer line. And I won't bore you with the daily household chores. Tis the price you pay for being retired while the other half goes to work still. Getting up at 5:30am to feed the cats and dog and say good bye to the other half doesn't count so she tells me. LOL

            Been there, probally broke it doing that
            Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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