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  • quiet air compressor

    i am going to get a new air comp.old one is about gone and was wondering if there are any out there that run quiet i have an old c/h 20 drive that is so noisy i hate to have to use it and would like to get 60 gal.2 stage any preferences?

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    I don't think they make one that is quiet or that doesn't produce heat. That is kind of the nature of the beast. Most of the small inexpensive compressors will be very noisy.



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      Put a motor on that is twice the necessary horsepower and it will be much quieter.

      Greg C.


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        I don't know if they make anything bigger,but my uncle just bought a Makita 3 gallon nail gun compressor that is so quiet it suprised me.Most of those small pumps vibrate around in circles on the floor and raise the dead,this little unit just sits there and hums.
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          Buy a nice old used one and you'll be amazed at how quiet they used to be. They may run more and not quite up to the same power but they are oh so nice


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            I had a oiless direct drive 110 unit that I couldn't stand to be in the garage with. I sold that compressor for 40 bucks with about 15 tank fill-ups on the motor.

            I wound up with a Puma 2 cylinder single stage 110 compressor. It is extremely quiet. I use mine mainly for blowing chips around so I can't really speak for it's air delivery but it's almost as quiet as my Southbend lathe.


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              The quietest compressors are "screw airs", not piston driven, but rather like a turbine. They cost a bloody fortune, but run cool(the Speed Aire at one place I worked at went two weeks before having to drain the tank!) and are relatively quiet - the sound is less iratating that a piston driven compressor as it's more of a hum and not a "thumpa thumpa"..

              You'll pay 4 figures for a used one though..


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                I have an emglo 2hp that is realy loud,needed new intake filter which housing is 3/4 pipe thread. Had unused
                oil filter that fit, reduced noise 50% or more, didn't seem to afect air flow.


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                  They are making comps these days that consist of a number of fridge compressors bolted on top of a tank.
                  They are described as silent running
                  these are quite low cfm something like 6,5 for the top model......I've heard they don't last that long before they pack up and are virtually impossible to get parts to rebuild have to replace each complete fridge motor..


                  all the best.mark


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                    thanks for the responses,i figured that the more you can slow the motor down the quieter it would run.i do remember when i was younger that most garages (a.k.a gas stations)had the motor on top v-belt to pump and seemed to chug along pretty quiet,maybe i could retro-fit.either way i cant take the racket anymore!! thanks again oh yea its for my home shop so i cant spend to much on it,you know how that goes!


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                      Just for starters...............

                      I'd run from anything saying "pancake". I would sooner go without air if a pancake type compressor was the best I could do. I have a small 4.5hp 25 gallon but I'm under-aired. I'd like something macho enough to "comfortably handle" sandblasting. 7HP w/80gallon mounted in another room would work great for my needs.

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                        Wouldn't a large bore, long stroke piston that turns at a slow RPM be quieter than the opposite of that?

                        Take some old 4 banger tractor motor or a Deere 2 cylinder and use that as a compressor. Don't ask me for how to turn it though.


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                          Got that link from the PM site and saved it. They run at half the speed most compressors.....should be quiet. What I would get if I needed a compressor.



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                            I have an Ingersoll-Rand 5 hp 60 gallon single cylinder compressor. I thought it was a little loud as well and heard that running the intake outside would quiet it down considerable. Since the air filter that came with it was a little piece of crappy foam I took a cylinder shaped air filter off a Pontiac 6000 and ran some tubing out the roof and capped it with the air filter. It seems to be about 25% better but the upside is the foam filter was being eaten away by paint spray. Now I should have cleaner air.
                            Doug Arthurs
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                              This is what you are looking for:

                              This is where I go it.

                              Paul G.
                              Paul G.