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    I was hoping someone might have a copy of projects in metal from november/december 90 that they could photo copy. I would be glad to pay photo copy and shipping charges.
    Thanks again, Rick

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    Contact Village Press, they have back issues and photo copying copyrighted materials without the publishers explicit consent is not only illegal, but in very poor taste considering they host this site.


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      Yes, Dave You are correct. I called Village Press before I posted and they told me they did not have any copies of this issue left. I was told the best thing I could do was get a copy from someone who had an old issue. I did not mean for any one to violate copyright laws.
      My apology to all, Rick.

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        If you live near a large library you might give it a try. They will often microfilm old magazines.

        If you are looking for a specific project you might also check out the Projects Four Book sold by this very web site. I believe they are collections of articles from the magazines. I think #4 is the 1990, 1991 years.

        You might get lucky and have the project you are looking for included in the book, but check first I don't think they include every project from the magazines.

        My collection doesn't go back that far,
        Good Luck



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          What is the difference between going to a libary and getting a copy and asking for a copy on this group??

          If Village press can't supply then surely for a one off personal use this should not affect copyright.

          John S.

          Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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            That particular issue is no longer available as such, however, photocopies of articles within that issue are. The circulation department cannot tell if a caller is looking for a particular article within an issue unless the caller so states. The advice to seek an old issue from other sources would apply if you are trying to fill out your collection or replace a damaged issue.

            Articles from early Projects in Metal magazines appear in the hard-bound books titled Metalworking One, Two and Three. The 1990-1991 PiM articles show up in Metalworking Two.

            Regarding copies; a person can photocopy material from their own magazine for their own personal, non-commercial use. The material cannot be distributed to others.

            Libraries usually cannot tell if a person is copying material for research, distribution or even if the material being copied has passed to public domain. They rely on the individual to determine the legality of their own action...thats painting with a pretty broad brush.

            So, "chip's," please call the circulation department and tell them which article you are seeking. I'm sure we can help.

            Thanks to all,



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              Thanks for clearing this up. As a UK reader of this list I didn't know that the articles have been made into book form and are still available.
              You have also answered my query of library reproduced copies, Thank you.

              John S.

              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                Neil: How about organizing some of the good replies on this board and making them into a book??!! A lot of this sage advise is just hanging there as electrons and magnetized iron, and much of it needs to be saved!!


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                  Try Joe at [email protected] (248-656-5109). I think he's the guy I bought some outdated issues of HSM and Projects from at NAMES last year. He buys collections and sells them off as singles. Reasonable prices.


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                    Thanks so much for all your replies! I was trying to replace the issue I had. A friend was in my shop one day when I had that issue out using it for reference. He decided at this time he needed to use my cutting torch. I could not move fast enough to get the magazine, but did get the extinguisher and kept everything but the magazine and work bench from burning. I banned him from the shop for an undetermined amount of time. It seems kind of funny now, I sure didn't know I could move that fast.
                    I guess I figured I was ok to copy since I have the remains of the issue(mostly ash.)
                    I tried all the libraries around here. They all were very nice when they told me there was no such magazine as that! Only nuts and other strangers asked questions such as these.
                    Q.C., I will try joe. Thanks so much everyone, Rick.

                    P.S. Neil I would go the article route but I don't know which one I might need. I am sure that you could help, if I just knew what someone might bring in over the next while I might need to reference. Thanks again.

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                      [QUOTE]Originally posted by ttok:
                      [B]Neil: How about organizing some of the good replies on this board and making them into a book??!!

                      Ya, the first one may be called "The Thrud Guide to Machine Shop Life"


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                        Howabout working "wisdom of"some where in the title?


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                          That would never sell...

                          How about "1,001 ways to screw up your next project" - or, "Whadoyamean RTFI?"