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  • Penn Tool ?

    I'm ready to make a mill purchase with this co. They have the product in stock, and made the price competitive. Any experience good or bad? Thank You!

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    I've never personally dealt with them, but I've never heard anything negative. As far as I know, they're a reputable company.

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      have purchased smaller items from them, good service, items as advertised. No experience with machinery, but they are a legit outfit


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        After contacting several of the large, on line dealers, and getting what was either, No response, or a confused and unfamiliar vague response, I decided to go with Penn Tool. I was actually able to talk directly with someone, who actually was knowledgable about the product, and willing to take a minute to earn my business. So far it's been a good experience.


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          i bought some stuff from them last summer and was happy with the service and what i bought. there was a problem with one item not being in stock and they were very good about staying in touch and offering me a choice as to what to do about it. also their prices were about the best i could find on the stuff i bought.

          i hope this helps.
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            I bought a reader for my mill from them and they had the best price and good delievery. I would deal with them again.


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              I have dealt with them in the past many times and was satisfied. Since I live only about 20 miles from their facility I would call an order in and drive over on a Saturday morning to make my pick up often buying something else that was on sale.


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                I have had good luck buying small items too.

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