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Just looked at a cool old lathe!

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  • Just looked at a cool old lathe!

    Ha...went to look at another old orphan.
    Sitting on the back of an old International 5 ton.
    It's an AH Williams, made in Toronto, Ontario.
    Too bad. It's been sitting out in the weather for about 6 years.
    38" swing and 120" between centers. Was an overhead belt drive at one time.
    Another sawmill lathe. Was actually in very nice shape before it was left outside.
    Not a mark on the ways and only signs of a couple of minor crashes.
    Good thing I don't have an acreage. I'd pay the $700 (or best offer) and haul the old girl home just to get it running again.
    It must be just a turning lathe. It has no bore through the headstock and might do some threads with change gears I'm not sure.
    Was pretty neat to find another piece of old iron here. There just isn't much around.
    Was almost like leaving a cute puppy at the animal!
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by torker:

    Was almost like leaving a cute puppy at the animal!
    Just think to yourself that cute little puppy will like to eat crap and roll around in it then rub all the furniture in your house.
    Ofcourse a lathe would be much more desirable even in a worst case, atleast to me.


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      I didn't realize the world was so small. I looked at that same lathe about 5 years ago and the guy wanted about $5,000 for it including the truck. Your right it was in great condition for somthing that old. I still couldn't find the spare cash to justify that amount. I guess he never sold it. I'm 3000 miles further away now or I think I would find room in some barn for it. I thought it was a South Bend though, but then I didn't look at it that close. Are you sure that the seller wasn't AH Williams.
      By the way "BillH, just what the hell kind of puppies do you hang around with. Do they have short curly tails.


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        neighbors dog likes to eat crap and roll in it. I have a friend who's dog loved to roll in it.
        Heh, atleast with a pig you could eat it for dinner without having peta types rain down on you.


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're right..then there is the munching on shoes, eating the garbage etc.
          The ol' lathe prolly wouldn't be that much trouble
          gunsmith...are you serious? The lathe is in Kimberley BC. It very well could be a Southbend....the AH Williams was the only name of any kind I could find on it. Right now the whole thing is covered with 18" of snow and ice. Makes me sick.
          Would be a fun ol' project though. We are still kicking it around. It could find its way to a warm barn. The guy who has all the room is thinking about it. I told him I'd buy it if he'll give up the room.
          I have tools I don't even know I own...


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            A 38x120" SB?


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              Perhaps it is "A R Williams".

              I have a 6" Ammco shaper (1940 vintage) with a plate on it saying:
              A.R. Williams
              Machinery Co Ltd
              Toronto Hamilton

              They were apparently machinery dealers but are long gone now. When I rebuilt the shaper I carefully removed the pins holding the plate (along with the Ammco plate) and was able to refit them after painting.




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                Geoff...that could be as I said, everything is covered in ice so we could have got the initials wrong.
                I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                  Yep, dead seriouse. I was thinking at the time that it would be a unique idea to have a mobile lathe. Later I discovered I was not an original thinker. I found several photos, from the 20's and 30's with complete workshops set up inside covered trucks (canvas cube van type) that would rome the country side fixing farm equipment. They would be under contract to variouse equipment suppliers to do these repairs on site. Sort of an earlier "Onstar" you might say.