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  • HSM on CD

    A few months ago there was a lot of discussion about maybe getting complete HSM on a CD. Does anyone know what happened to that idea? I don't remember anything closing the subject, it just went away. Did I miss something?

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    Any chance of an update?
    I have a load of US$$$$ burning a hole in my pocket.

    John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      Would love A CD HSM, I hate those multi- issue projects. The cd would let a person see the past articles at one setting.

      Unless there are "residual" rights the money has been made long ago, now is a chance to make more with little investment. If the worry is that subcriptions would drop, then keep the most recent five years (or one year) unpublished on CD.

      I signed up for PC magazine on line. Now the magazine is again comming by post. Must have failed and I bet HSM is avoiding the same failure. Hard to say what is better for the guy making the decisions. But personally I love to be able to buy back issues on a cd. Some of the prices offered when the subject was last discussed seemed to be very low. Not much profit if price is too low or too high.


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        I'd be in on the purchase of past articles on CD for the right price. Maybe even the wrong price . . .


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          The biggest problem with publishing the past issues of HSM on CD is the publisher probably views such a move as decreasing the sale of the books on the "Best of ....". They undoubtedly make a good deal of money on these books and a CD compiliation would surely cut into the those sales. Unless, of course, you made the price of the CD so high that it would offset the lost sales of books. However, then the price of the CD would be too high for most people to afford.


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            There is an old thread on this board about this topic. It involves the rights of authors. Village Press only buys first publication rights so the authors retain ownership of their work. The problem arises in trying to contact authors, and particularly heirs, in the case of deceased authors, to obtain permission to publish their works on CD. At least, that is the way I remember Neil's reply last time around on this topic. It was about 2 or 3 pages long, so you might be able to find it if you want all the details. The postings, that is, not the reply.


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              If you are a woodworker you likely already know that FWW and FHB back issues ( best of ) are available soon on CD for $125 ea US. They are on Acrobat format which I find difficult to read for very long. You can see a sample at if interested. Given a choice, I'll take the books........much easier to read by a warm fire.


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                Neil has told you guys this before that they are working on legal issues associated with publishing the material in a non-printed (electronic media) format. So just relax and let the old fart get it done. I have every confidence in Neil and his staff as well as the Publisher. So be patient - cut them some slack, eh?

                And I mean "Old Fart" in the most loving way too..

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