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  • diy spot welder

    David, I saw the pic of your spot welder in another thread, its something i'd like to does the gang have any words of wisdom or particularly good tutorials/build sites out there you know of?

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    That is a $159.00 Harbor Freight Spot welder, converted with a 8" stroke cylinder, a opto22 power-cube timer controlled by the Cnc mill computer.

    Footswitch activated according to Visual basic software. *press 1. or welder or press 2

    There is no reason it has to be that complicated.

    running between 2500 and 3500 microseconds per weld on the stainless.. so some timer that hits close is allright. (1.5-5 seconds)

    Operational logic?
    foot pedal?
    1)It clamps air solonoid
    2)timer to close and build pressure.. wait...
    3)turns on opto-cube relay,
    4) timer weld-time.. wait..
    5) turns off welder
    6) hold closed air till foot-pedal releases

    You can build the same with cube relay, two timers, pneumatic solonoid and a foot switch plus a 3-24vdc source for solonoids and cube relay. No computer needed.

    I have seen cycle timers that would do all this.. they are motor driven sequence relays.

    I can not see, manipulating two sheetmetal pieces in place, holding the "heavy" spot welder, clamping down the lever with your "other hand" and then working the switch for a exact time period to make a perfect weld. It was just too hard on a fat boy.. so.. I automated mine. I love the easy button. My welder hangs on a arm and I hold the parts and step on the pedal.
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      Linsy Publication is a good place to start. I have made three from there ideas by taking high voltage transformer cutting the secondary high side off and putting layers of sheet aluminum to makeup a new secondary with only two raps around transformer.



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        First you start with one of these:

        Unfortunately, that's as far as I have gotten so far...
        Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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          Ohh, you want to build one, not automate.

          A online pdf. I saved it in my cdrom library somewhere. I'll look in a bit.

          I keep threatening to catalog them. Thousands of pdfs. Yeah, I should number them and make a catalog cd. Information is only useful if you use it.
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            "Information is only useful if you use it."

            Or can find it

            I have this book, PC PHD, shows all kinds of neato stuff with the PC, how to autmoate things, etc....I can't find the damn thing.



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