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    Both of my lathes and my mill have those little steel balls that you push down with a oiler of some type and oil the ways and screws. When I try to oil these I get more oil around the balls instead of down in the oil passageway. Can someone tell me what kind of oiler to buy that will oil these points without making such a mess and where can I get it? I always feel like nothing is really getting in there. Thanks for any info.
    Jonathan P.

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    Yea and where do you get those little gizzis with the balls?

    The tame Wolf !


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      They're called Zerk fittings. McMaster-Carr sells them. They're actually designed for grease guns, but you might find an oiler with them also.

      Leigh W3NLB
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        Oiling points with balls are more commonly the Gits type, shown here: A standard Eagle brand pump oiler (here: ) does a pretty good job on these. If it looks like a grease port it's likely a Zerk and you have to use an oil gun with a Zerk nose like one of these: I have a Lagun with Zerk fittings for the knee ways and use a modified grease gun.


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          I share your frustration! This is the solution I use: I have an oilcan with a flexible shaft and I cut a small grove across the front. This will allow oil to flow around the ball when I push it down. I also added a small piece of soft rubber tubing to provide a seal of sorts so oil doesn’t get all over. This isn’t the “end-allâ€‌ but it works fairly well.

          I phoned Gits once to find out what they suggest. The answer I got was “Hmmm…I never really thought about that!â€‌ No kidding!


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            I bought one of those pistol grip grease guns made to use with std. tube of grease and modified it to use as a pressure oiler for the type GB gits cups on the lathe and mill.

            Took the plunger out and the end of the canister off, then shortened the canister. Epoxied the end back on the shortened canister and epoxied the old hole that the plunger went through closed.

            Got a flexible hose about 12in. long and put a needle style tip on it. Filled the canister with oil and screwed it back on the gun. Turn it upside down so the oil goes into the pump, and press that needle tip on the ball to depress it and seal around the outer edge of the tip. Pump away, lots of pressure to get the oil into those fittings. Works great, and didn't cost an arm and a leg.



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              Thanks guys. I knew I would get some quick responses. I'm not an idiot and do know what a zerk fitting is. My machines have the gits type on them. I had never seen a name for that type of oiler port on machines. I will be trying your suggestions.
              Jonathan P.


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                I use a small singer sewing machine oil can now... but before finding that I used a large animal hypodermic with the needle blunted.
                Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                  A chain saw bar nose oiler (grease gun) works well. I use one to lube my drill press. It has lots of those ball valve fittings.
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                    Guy Lautards oil gun plans. Theyre the ultimate oiling system you can get.I built one many years ago and actually sold it to a guest at my shop who watched me use it.


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                      Most of the machine tools I have used with those fittings came with a "pom pom" type oil gun.

                      They have a tubular body (like a small grease gun) filled with oil, with a rigid tube sticking out one end.
                      This tube has a special fitting to suit the oil fittings.
                      You pump the body, it slides down the rigid tube, a spring returns it. This action pumps oil down the tube and into the fitting.

                      They are often cursed leaky useless things.

                      Tecalemit still offers one, but they are badly made and don't last long.

                      A good trick for getting oil into ball-type oil fittings (my own patent, I believe ) is to put a piece of rag over the end of the oil gun, then go ahead and pump oil into the fitting. The oil will find its way through the rag OK. The rag seals around the edge of the fitting.

                      This also works well when you have one of those pesky grease nipples that leaks grease. Place one thickness of rag over the nipple and push the grease gun onto the nipple.

                      Guy Lautards oil gun is a bit of a err...surprise. I bought his treatise to find out that.... it is an ordinary grease gun filled with oil. You throw away the grease plunger thing and seal up the cap so the oil doesn't pour out. He makes a mod to the nozzle too, but I don't think it is necessary.


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                        [QUOTE]Originally posted by japcas:
                        Thanks guys. I knew I would get some quick responses. I'm not an idiot and do know what a zerk fitting is. My machines have the gits type on them. I had never seen a name for that type of oiler port on machines. I will be trying your suggestions. [/QUOT

                        This I agree with , Its the Gits fitting I was looking foe also.Thanx.

                        The tame Wolf !


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                          Once again Thanks.

                          That is one of those roundtuit things for me. Now I know what I'll do. Was aware that I would have to do something about the situation but had not given it any thought. I also didn't know what the darn things were called.

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                            The reason I read on this site daily is because of questions like this that are not very run of the mill. It seems I am always learning about stuff that I haven't really given much thought too like gitts oilers. It seems there is always someone on here that has been down the road I am on at the moment. And I find any more instead of banging my brains out or searching forever on the net for an answer to a question I may have that it is usually quicker to just ask. Thanks for all the help.
                            Jonathan P.


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                              My lathes have a number of Gits oiling points. The inexpensive Harbor Freight oil pump oilers with a flexible spout works just fine on them.

                              If the spout is pressed firmly and squarely against the fitting, the pressure from the pump oiler is sufficient to open the ball port.

                              It helps if your oiler has a machined tip on the spout. If the spout is made from rolled sheet metal, it is likely to have an irregularly shaped tip that will leak.

                              So many projects. So little time.