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need 3 hp 3phase mtr

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  • need 3 hp 3phase mtr

    I need to build a rotary phase converter and need a 3 hp motor for an idler.

    I'll buy the motor and also drive up to 100 miles to pick it up. I live South and East of Rockford Illinois.

    Email me at [email protected] if you have a motor

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    You can get a brand new one, cheap.


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      I got a ten hp sitting under my gang box. It's a armload, I guesstimate about eighty pounds.

      Heavy rascal.. Like mentioned.. you can get a cheap one local, call the motor shops. (probably as cheap as shipping)
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      I have paid $5 a hp locally for used ones.
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        As Dave suggests -- try a motor shop that rebuilds motors. Or a scrap yard.
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