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  • bike frame parts finished

    hi guys

    a while back, i posted about a problem i was having cutting some 3/16" 4130 steel plate on my bandsaw for some parts for a bike frame i'm working on building. i wanted to follow up & let you know that the parts are done, thanks to a guy on this list, dean duplessis, who's a machine shop instructor at northern maine community college. after i'd posted, he had offered to have his students cut the pieces for me as a project in class, and the result came out very good. they machined samples in regular steel of the parts, based on an autocad drawing, and later did the actual pieces in the 4130. dean's student even machined chamfers on the edges of the parts (that were needed to make the plate parts fit up snugly to the 3/4" tubing they end up getting welded to) that i'd originally been planning on doing by hand with a grinder.

    in short, the parts came out WAY better than
    i could've done myself, and dean was a great help. the whole process was well done and getting the "prototype" samples to look at first was a pleasant "plus."

    dean seems to be on the lookout for real-world projects for his students to do, to gain experience, so if any of you have things you need machined that you can't do yourself, i'd highly recommend his services. he's knowledgeable, and his students do good work. i'd imagine the practice is beneficial for them too.

    drew j.

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    Thanks for the kind words. The students really did enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to machine your parts. The gyro will follow after the Holiday break.

    Best wishes to you and yours.
    Northern Maine Community College
    HAAS Technical Education Center