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3in1 Plasma/Tig/Stick from Parker Metalworking

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  • 3in1 Plasma/Tig/Stick from Parker Metalworking

    Hello, Has anyone bought this 3in1 Plasma/Tig/Stick Welding machine from Parker Metal Working Products ? I would like to know the performance and durability of this machine. Thanks for any comments from this inquiry

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    I'll jump in here...

    I just got a 40 amp plasma cutter in the same class (Probably comes from the same factory.) and I'm happy with the performance. It's getting better now that I've figured it out a little more.

    Those tigs don't have remote current control and to me it makes it a lot less useful. I've used a larger lincoln tig with no remote and it just didn't do it for me. Maybe if you were doing thin stainless it would be OK but for just sticking mild steel together it was a pain. I'd rather just mig...

    Do a google search and you'll turn up a lot of info on some other boards. I've seen some pics posted of some decent looking welds on exhaust and such done with similar welders.

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