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Has anyone gotten the 25 X 3 straightedge from ?

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  • Has anyone gotten the 25 X 3 straightedge from ?

    Hi Guys ,
    I'm eagerly awaiting the book On MT Reconditionin and have been thinking seriously about ordering the 25" X 3" cast iron straight edge Michael Morgan sells . . . .in three versions raw 150$ milled off $400 annealed twice maybee or finished $990 .
    Has annyone here had any personal experieences with these streight edges or with this site

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    Do a google search on the machine 2001 board regarding the site and the seller.


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      Yep - I got one of the raw castings for $150. It's "seasoning" now but looks to be of pretty decent quality from what little I can tell. It came in a long, narrow cardboard box with no buffering other than some newspaper.

      Be forewarned that you might have a significant delay from the time you order untill you receive it. In my case it took many months and emails, most of which went unanswered. Mike Morgan (the seller) had some business problems that probably accounted for a lot of the delay so that shipment may be much faster now.

      Were I ordering now, I'd be inclined to call and talk to him person to person to see what the status is.

      Mike, near Chicago
      Mike Henry near Chicago


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        On Mike's website they mention that it might take months as he only makes the castings a few times a year. So you would be better served to call first, or am I dreaming check on ebay? One thing you could do is wait until you get your book, get three pieces of steel all the same size and thickness and scrape them flat using the "three plate method". Wait the book says on page 176 the "two over one" method. In the mean time contact Anderson Brothers and order your scrapers (get the carbide tipped). Be sitting down when you get the price, and here you thouht the book was expensive. Good luck I enjoy scraping its a great hobby.


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          Oh good,
          Glad to hear "THE BOOK" tells about the thee plate method. . . I want to do that. Yes there is a camelback straight ege on ebay now a 36" model. I've seen 2 others in the last month a 48 " and 10 footer.


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            Still waiting for my straight edge and scraper. It's been over a year now, many empty promises, many lies, now no replies. have your blood pressure checked before doing any business with him, Also check with the local better business bureau to verify his business history. As far as his small batch story, I would think that if he is using a company that supplies parts to GM like he claimed in a early post, there would be the option of increasing the size or number of batches in order to fulfill the orders that he still has outstanding on the books. my 2cents, do your homework, possible COD to protect your money. Patience is a requirement with this guy.