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    I had a mouse problem recently in my tool drawer under the bench where I keep my rifle cleaning cradle. They gnawed the top off of the plastic squeeze bottle I keep my Hoppes #9 in. Seems the hydrocarbons in the Hoppes didn't sit to well with them and they were pretty well dead by the time I found them.
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      Rollo candy, it has a toffee peanut butter caramel of the proper consistiency to trip a trap without the mouse getting away with lunch.

      Next mouse has rollo and meat.

      I caught 15 one night in Chattanooga. Next night I was too tired to keep resetting the trap.

      Excuse me, I farted.


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        Moved into an old house. First night a mouse got into the bread drawer and tunnelled lengthways through a new loaf of bread. Out came the traps. Got six in three hours.

        On another occasion a widow, knowing I was a vetran, gave me her deceased husband's VA hearing aids. Obviously the ear mold wouldn't fit so I cut it off and made one out of part of a white urethane rubber alligator clip boot - worked great until I left it on the workbench one night and a mouse ate the boot. Apparently the urethane absorbed, and was flavored by, ear wax.

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          I use sultanas and sellotape them to the latch of the trap. They have to try a bit harder, it works well. Even cheese works well when it is sellotaped like this.

          Squeamish people shouldn't read this... my rat trap has been "improved" by my brother, and it "works" well... he hammered short nails through from the bottom side. So they stick up about 10mm through the top surface. There is no escape, I'm afraid.


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            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Peter S:
            my rat trap has been "improved" by my brother, and it "works" well...</font>
            So now that he's "built a better mousetrap", does he catch better mice?


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              We use Cheese Whiz. When they try to get the last little bit it's all over.

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                Mice & rats cause more $$$ worth of damage on the farm than any other wild animal. They get into leftover bags of seed corn - at $200+ per bag of the round-up ready, yieldguard+ hybreds, it doesn't take long for the losses to pile up. Every spring, we have to repair the damage they do when they build nests in our irrigation engines while they're shut down for the winter. I also keep a constant lookout for mouse sign in our Bonanza - having mice chew into avionics wire bundles can cost thousands to repair, and their urine & fecal matter are very corrosive to aluminum. So when the little bastages get into my home & shop, I pull out the stops to erradicate them - no quarter asked, none given. One of the better methods that's come along in recent years is treated wheat bait - it gives them gas, and rodents can't pass gas.


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                  Malbenbut, you're a lucky man, and I'm sure you know it.

                  My daughters cat doesn't like to kill them either, just chases around until they get away. I call the poor confused thing PT, "Paper Tiger". Seems like you should have this cat too, but then I'd be in big trouble. I used to let the previous cat outside to romp in the long grass, brought me a squirrel one time. But, one day something bigger/badder caught up to her, so I'm on some kind of cat warning-probation list with my daughter.

                  "I paint colored bands on the little buggers' tails so I can identify them"

                  Geeze, well anyway I'm curious how often a painted mouse shows up again?? And if you've discovered a "no return" distance??

                  I've "rescued" some cornered mice and transported to the open part of my property, figuring the Hawks, Owls, Snakes, and Foxes will do their thing. Sucks to be a small furry part of the food chain.


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                    Can't resist. My 6'-1" wife is scared to death of mice (like Millicent the elephant). It cracked me up to see her climb onto a bar stool when she saw one in the house! I'd set a trap and catch it for her, but then I couldn't resist getting some mileage out of it. I laid it on my workbench near the wall phone and put a piece of paper over it and went to work at the day job. Along about mid-morning I called her and asked her to go out to the shop and pick up the phone as I needed to get her to measure something I wanted to pick up some parts for. Of course, she lifted the paper looking for my imaginary item. I could tell she did by the scream. The phone was still dangling when I got home. Sometimes, I just lay them on top of the trash in the garbage can so she will find them when she dumps in the next load.
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                      Have you noticed any negative correlation between those events and your eventual "gratification" events?
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                        Evan, she's a pretty good sport. When she first moved here from Illinois to be with me, the whole thing was a new experience for her. She wouldn't bait a hook, let alone take a fish off one. Now, she does the whole thing and cleans them, too. When she started hunting with me, she wouldn't touch an animal, then she got to where she would hold a hoof while I gutted them. Now she's up to a little help with skinning, but still doesn't want to mess with the innards.
                        Lynn S.


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                          Get a few of these live traps and bait them with a bit of peanut butter on a paper towel. Then you can take them for a ride and let them off out in the country with a clear conscience.

                          For help with the problem from someone without the conscience the Terminator...

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                            What trap is that? Looks like a good design. I like the elongated air holes. My multi-mouse trap has smaller round holes, which caused a problem once. I dumped out a load of mice, but one wouldn't come out. He'd stuck his lil' pointy nose into a vent hole and gotten his two big teeth hooked, so couldn't pull out nohow. I had to take side cutters, nibble from the next hole over, and bend up a small flap of metal to free him. His fur was worn off the tip of his nose and there was some blood - not bad, considering what I'd look like if I'd hung from somewhere by two teeth - so that one I let go inside the house.


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                              I left out one detail on the "improved" rat trap - attach a length of electrical wire to the trap and tie the end to something. This prevents the victim from kicking the trap off down the inside of a wall or somewhere else difficult if set in say the roof space.

                              Letting mice go so they become someone elses problem? I don't enjoy killing anything, I hate it - but rodents are a problem that you need to face up to...
                              Over here, possums are probably our No. 1 problem. You shoot them out of your friut trees, then another lot moves in from the bush. There is no end to them. They will eat all your fruit, flower buds, tree shoots if you let them.


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                                Several years ago I helped a friend on his (real) trapline on weekends during the trapping season. We had a terrible mouse problem in the cabin. We used one of those live traps pictured above, and caught about eight of them in the trap. After a few beers, Lee decides to get rid of the mice in the trap. Does he let them go far away from the cabin? Nooooo. He goes out into the parking area in front of the cabin with the full trap and an axe.

                                He dumped out the trap and attempted to hit the mice with the axe. Imagine if you can a 6'5" 250 lb guy, semi beered up, swinging away at all those mice scurrying around his feet. It's a wonder he still has all his toes. Parking lot looked like land mines went off.

                                Boy, the stories I could tell you from that trapline....