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    occasionally we get the odd mouse coming into the house from the garden or the field next to it, as a result I have two mouse traps permanantly cocked I have not caught a mouse for the past three weeks. My wife says I must uncock the traps over the Xmas period as she could not have the deaths of any of Gods creatures on her conscience as it would spoil the spirit of Xmas for her.
    Is she being foolish and am I for agreeing with her

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    My Karelian Beardog begs to differ. She kills mice with extreme prejudice. Got one a day ago. She doesn't eat them, just lays them out to show off.
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      You have to live with She who must be obeyed and your decision. I know what I would do for the next couple of days. Since you haven't caught any in three weeks.
      By the way she must be related to my wife. she claims she can hear the lobsters and clams screaming when dropped in to the pot. Go figure I can only hear the spittle hitting the floor from me drooling waiting till they are done LOL. Merry Chrirstmas

      Been there, probally broke it doing that
      Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
      I am not a lawyer, and never played one on TV!
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        The mice lobsters and crabs would think that it was xmas if they got a hold of you.
        Food chain.
        Best policy with the lobsters and crabs is to eat them before they eat you,the mice -well the bones get stuck in my teeth.

        I had muscovy ducks a while back -they would eat the mice -better mousers than a cat.I guess if you eat the duck you would be
        technically eating the mouse.

        Best way for the squeamish to off lobsters is to put themin cold fresh water and leave for a while and bring to boil,just about medium rare when water boils.


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          wife making mince pies and crying at the Christmas carols


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            Its easy for me to say this because I dont think that my wife would complain about the same subject.

            But... How long did you say you wanted to stay together with her? Sometimes it is better to give on the small stuff and gain on other issues.

            Honestly, we have cats and the mice know better than to venture in. I think that they all sit outside the sliding glass door and shiver.

            A nice little joke for you. We have a waterbed and naturally it is heated. My wife always complians about gtting up in the middle of the night only to find that it is much colder out of the sack than in. I told her about my method of deciding how bad I need to get out from under the covers.

            If you are the only one in bed, most likely you can get to the can and back without freezing anything vital off.

            If there is one cat curled up on the bed with you, you might want slippers to move about.

            If two cats are on the covers, a robe is in order.

            If both cats and the mice are on the bed, it aint worth getting up for nuttin'. Not even to shooo of the mice. Roll over, try to go back to sleep and wait till morning.

            Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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              rockrat has the idea. get your wife one or two cats for a present. then you can through out the traps.


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                Better yet, get sticky mouse pads. The mouse will be stuck and you can place him under the christmas tree to enjoy christmas with you. After the holidays roll him up like a burrito and dispose of him properly.

                Your Wife needs a "live Turkey" to prepare for Christmas dinner. That will calm her down worrying about mice.

                Everything has a place in gods world. Mice are to spread disease and fleas equally among gods creatures.

                Ever wonder about the mouse-feces contents of "normal" foods you eat per day?
                Excuse me, I farted.


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                  By the way, what a beautiful kitchen.
                  Excuse me, I farted.


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                    Anyone who bakes mince pies and cries at the Christmas carols should have her mice protected during this holy season.

                    I have two traps with the fake yellow plastic cheese locked and loaded in the shop. It only works on mice with IQs below 30 so peanut butter had been added to them.


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                      Well frankly I think our lives are enriched tremendously, in many different ways, by feeling compassion for all living things.

                      I'm no greenpiece'er or anti-hunting fanatic. I've done my share of hunting and fishing, and enjoy it. But I feel a twinge of pain every time I see a dead animal on the road, realizing he was just going about his life, when he was struck down by one of modern man's contrivances.

                      ...nevertheless, this thread reminds me that I need to set my mousetraps in the garage, since the weather's gotten colder here lately.
                      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                        here is a thought the early bird gets the worm. but it is the second mouse that gets the cheese.


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                          I have a trap which will catch and hold a dozen mice or so without killing any of them. Thing's a marvel, and not very complicated either. I got it from Gander Mountain back when it was a world power.

                          I paint colored bands on the little buggers' tails so I can identify them, let them go at various distances outside, and see how long it takes them to find their way back into the trap.

                          Hey, beats watching TV.


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                            My wife emptied her mouse trap line twice today...
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                              My first post in this forum, but ive been hanging around for some time:-)

                              My best tip for catching mice in your trapline:
                              place your traps close to the walls and use chocolate as bait, works very well!

                              And knowing the reproduction rate of mice, its foolish to uncook your traps, you want to kill as many as you can of thoose little bas****ds!