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    I am going to an Auction on thursday they have listed a Norton Surface Grinder with 8"x1" wheel and 15"x6" magnetic chuck it also has a coolant system.There are no model numbers listed.Are Norton machines generally good, is there any thing to lookout for,I am going to try and find out a bit more about it tomorrow.
    Thanks in advance
    Will Bleeker

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    We have one in the shop class I take that sounds like the one you're describing. Its probably close to twenty years old and still works fine. I don't know of any problems that they've had with it, other than the students damaging various bits (all of which were easily repaired). I'm also better able to get a fine finish using that one, than I am some of the other ones we have in the shop. (Of course, one, a big blue one, has been broken since I started taking the class and I have no idea how well it works.)


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      Norton has an excellent reputation. Assuming it hasn't been turned into a boat anchor by abuse/wear, I'd guess it would be very good.
      Sounds pretty hefty, by the dimensions you give; if you bid on it, be sure you can move it!
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        went and had a look at the machine today it is big and heavy looking but everything works on it and it doesn't look to have been abused so I will go and bid on it tomorrow.Tractor dealer over the road has a forklift and I have a truck as well as a forklift at home so it won't be a problem to handle.


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          Got it!,got the forklift to put it on my tabletop 4wd definately weighs a ton if not a bit more haven't seen any model numbers yet.All the brass tags are a bit hard to read,thought I might paint them black and then sand them lightly with a block to expose the letters, any better ideas
          Will Bleeker