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  • rotary table features

    Is it desirable to have a Morse taper socket at the center of a rotary table? By that, I mean the through-hole bored at the center of the movable table itself. I'm making up a 6" rotary table from a kit of castings and don't know if this is a useful feature or not.

    The alternative would be to follow the drawings and bore the table's through-hole for 3/4" but I seldom do anything the easy way anymore...



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    Definetly go for the MT centre. Centering your work just became a cinch!

    Then you can buy (or better still make, using John Stevensons taper turning methods ~ see his topic thread), a selection of foreshortened MT plugs. These are handy then for either making male spigots to centralise work off of a hole, or drill them out to take drill rod and have a selection of stepped rods.

    I have a 6" Criterion RT with a screwed plug in the centre and an accurate 1" hole (where the head of the bolt goes) its a real PITB to centralise this table accurately; meanwhile I have an 8" Hoffman RT with a #2MT and a cut down plug, this makes it so easy to centralise that I rarely use the Criterion nowadays!!


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      Boring a Morse taper is just extra work.

      I'd bore it 3/4 with a 7/8 c/bore 1/8 deep.
      Then you can just make straight bushings for locator pins for your jobs.

      Making a morse taper is cruel and unusual punishment.

      Then you have to set up to make morse taper plugs or bushes.

      You have to bang the plugs in and out, risking distortion every cycle.

      You have to take the table off to insert a different tapered plug between jobs.

      Too much extra work!



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        Kap, RR

        Yeah, but real men and Masochists the world over like to bore MT sockets! Almost as much fun as beating your head against my sister's meatloaf - or a concrete wall...

        ...At least we ain't making him grind it concentric too!

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          You just described me to a "T". If there's a way to take an easy job and make it difficult, I'll find it, usually in the name of making something better. 8-> 8->

          So far, I'm leaning towards the MT socket. I like a challenge. 8->



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            Go ahead and bore your MT socket for something to do, but also counter bore it so when you find out kap was right, your counter bore will already be there!

            I wish I had that much time on my hands!


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                Keep the faith!

                And ....2MT socket reamers do a nice job!

                As for lifting the table to change plugs....put an extractor thread in, then it can be pulled out from 'up top'



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                  Actually, I don't think the taper plugs will ride directly in the cast iron of the table. Will probably have to bore the table straight through for 1" and make up separately a steel sleeve that has the MT socket. That's how the commercial products are made, so it appears. I've made up MT sockets before, so had plenty of time to document the settings.

                  Ragarsed referred to a thread from John Stevenson. That's one good way of doing it and Chris Heapy's website details it as well. I don't think making MT tooling is out of the realm of possibility.


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                    Hey, don't tell him about MT reamers until AFTER he does it the hard way - more fun for everyone!


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                      You can buy Morse taper #2 sockets with 1" o.d. If you have enough space to accommodate a 1" dia. hole, bore/ream/lap to a really good (REALLY good) fit on one of those ready-made sockets, and you'll have both a straight hole and a Morse socket when you want it.

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                        That sounds like a heck of a good idea.

                        My enco 8" table came with a 3/4 i.d. hardened and groung bushing when I bought it 22 years ago, and works like a champ.

                        Whatever floats your boat.